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The Cosmology of the Moon

Astrologically, the Moon in your chart is indicative of your emotional nourishment and expression, the Sun sign, position and aspects, flavours that expression.

Cosmologically, The moon is a reflector - it's illumination reflecting the radiance of the Sun, the Light Codes, the Essence of RA.

Emotionally, the Moon reflects the state of the Ego or how the Sun is operating in our chart.

Its equilibrium and effectiveness dependant on the illumination from the Sun, its Light Codes reflecting off the supplicant Moon as it moves through the sky across the influence of the stars or constellations interpreted through the wisdom of the Zodiac

The Moon, in its capacity as a reflector, would normally reflect the Codes of RA emanating from the ‘Sun’. However, it has been hijacked and distorted to reflect the polarity of the reflection, rather than the fullness and celebration of it.

Who or what hijacked it is unimportant - details of distraction.

What is important is the restoration of the optimum functioning blueprint, free of all manipulation and fuckery to reflect the original LightCodes, cyphers of Light and Sound, housing DNA wisdom and creation knowledge that is our birthright unencumbered.

Equinox Energy 21/22nd March…

Use this time of the waxing Moon to its full expression April 4th for recommitment to Self and ignite your potential in this I AM presence incarnation for full multidimensional Self connection and expression in this timeline/time/space/continuum

From the Heart Sphere consciousness, merging with the Sacred Neutral non reactive perspective, embrace and shed the old paradigms and outdated coding and programs for all bodies, and dimensions, all points in time /timelines replacing with new upgraded ‘software’ that more reflects your understanding of the moment of NOW, embodying your sovereign liberated multidimensional Self in integrity within your perception and expression of the Reality in this physical expression.

The final pass of Pluto/Uranus square is the last coal on the fire to ignite you through the darkest densest frequencies to the fluidity and grace of the flow of Essence embodied

When is NOW the right time to commit to Self and your creative power within this experience?

Go hard or go home – or more accurately, this is the end game, the moment counts, engage it, don’t hesitate or procrastinate, be the change you want by embodying the upgrade, the refined frequency and allow yourself limitless success.

If you start to experience lots of Déjà vu – then you are absolutely on the right track.

Déjà vu - it's not re-living a moment - Thats false dogma - it's total alignment with the Essence absolutely in the centre of NOW – you have felt that before, that is the familiarity - direct Essence embodiment and integrity of purpose – sovereign liberated and consciously harnessing the power of creation. Not a glitch in the Matrix, or another version of your experience colliding with yours, but a sign you are drawing on your Source, in the flow of conscious co- creation with All that Is, in the exact moment of NOW, living your truth

Suggestion to harness the energies and enhance the experience: Mind full ness

Engage each moment and every movement with conscious awareness and attune to the many layers of experience each point can hold – the richness of the moment.

Returning the Sacred to every interaction with the physical realm, activating all the senses to honour every element that makes up the moment of NOW

Breathing and breath, the rhythmic flow of the inhalation, exhalation and the no time in between, opening to the vastness of Life hidden within the Light spectrum beyond the rainbow and 3D sight and its effect on your mind body spirit.

You are the author of this unfolding – be unafraid to claim to your joy, rejuvenation and sovereign liberty, see you in the dreaming

Ankh em Ma’at.

CLICK HERE for a ink to a short video on mindfullness and motivation...

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