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Ever since I can remember, I have been able to see, sense and know energy, 

I would predict things, or talk about the dead relative 

appearing behind the person my mother was talking to  

(which was quiet unnerving to them to say the least!)

At 15 I was reading Tarot professionally and even now 

my passion for it has not dimmed, 


I absolutely love it

 I love the interaction with the client, 

the way the patterns inform and impart wisdom

I love the confusion or cloud they come in with 

dissipate and defused over the session

I love to see a sense of purpose and direction renewed 

and inspiration ignited from within​

As my experience wisdom has evolved and my understanding of energy and the dynamics of its alchemy has upgraded, 

a session can also involve giving you a direct experience of your Essence,

(you, your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your gifts, talents, and knowings) 

to reconnect you with your own intuition for clarity, purpose and the confidence to move forward.


If it presents, I will also remove any blocks, patterns or bad juju in the way of 

the positive outcomes that appear as potentials in the reading coming to fruition; 

and bring forward whatever gifts and talents you have access to from Essence that are available to integrate

I read with a number of decks, however for unique insight, clarity and experience,

I use the deck I created Deck of RA: Perspective and Illumination from the Lore of Sekhmet

and cast handcut crystals imprinted with Runes of RA 

To book as Reading: Text: 0412 400 085 or email:

$150 +GST for 60 minutes

+$50 per half hour or part thereof after

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