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Greetings and Salutations!

Happy Astrological New Year, Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season - lets add in some Solar Flares for extra potency...

The spiral is tightening, the energy gaining intensity - its a time of great pressure both internally and externally.

Now more than ever it is essential to have an internal compass, a reference that is sovereign and has no influence from the 'outside world', something you can trust with a sense of security, wholeness, reliability and authenticity

always available :


I use my own deck and runes to bring you unique insight and clarity as well as giving you an experience in consciousness that will connect you with your intuition, desires and authenticity

ONLINE or here in the Byron Bay Hinterland

text: 0412 400 085 or email: to book / enquire


is our foundation experiential.

CLAIM your Essence,

(you, your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your gifts, talents, experience wisdom, lineage, connections, and associations)


Identify with and establish a relationship with MU (the consciousness of the planet) and RA (the creative principle) and when you pull this energy into Essence, it ignites the embodiment.

The resulting ‘sekhem’ of their tantra produces a clean organic power unfettered by any programming, entropy or atrophy associated with this Construct.

This sekhem is imprinted with or directed by your consciousness, and can be used for healing, physical expression / manifestation.

The more potent - the more intense and timelier the materialisation / healing / expression


You can do this ONLINE or with us here in the Byron Bay hinterland as an experiential, day tutorial or weekend retreat (depending on how deep you want to delve)

Recommended reading as a prerequisite:

Adventures in Consciousness with I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet

​and the Deck of RA

Perspective and Illumination from the Lore of Sekhmet

22 Oracle Cards to open your consciousness and rock your world featuring the Runes of RA creating Sigils of power and desire


Once you have that as a prerequisite – you can move onto the more advanced rituals of:

Embodiment: to cognise, claim, embody and radiate ESSENCE and LINEAGE

Love is: To cognise the abstract, the projection, the fantasy into the present time expression of the here and now; claim and embody your authentic relationship to Love and in your radiance attract the perfect collaboration with which to share it


Prosperity: To cognise claim, embody and radiate Prosperity from a mindset of desire not lack

(we have been experiencing incredible results with this one)



You can book a session with me, working with the sign of the month as the context.

ARIES season for example, the theme is IDENTITY

Who am I?

How do I interact with others, what is the character I use?

Is my identity self-determined or shaped by others?


If you do this ONLINE I will send you a recording of the session.

ONLINE or in person I will follow up within the week for any questions or corrections you may have as you integrate your experience.


You can book a single session pertinent to the theme of the season, a thoughtful birthday gift for someone you love or

you can book for the entire Astrological Year (12 sessions in total) and you will receive a substantial discount!

if this interests you, send me an email to enquire.

(offer valid until the 22nd April 2024)

Meanwhile, keep up with everything happening through subscribing to the mailing lists, following on the socials instagram

listening to the podcast and


Continue rocking worlds






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