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Its all Happening!

New online shop, print has arrived and new courses to accompany them

are here, and its all very exciting ❣️


The Deck of RA

is an all killer no filler set of Oracle cards

imbued with unique perspective, practices, and Lore

challenging the zeitgeist narrative it will invoke enquiry,

have you claiming independent thought embodying experience wisdom and radiating your distinctive juju

authoring your experience of and mastery in this reality

Featuring the Runes of RA creating Sigils of power + desire

Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate

a recollection of memories from then till now...

awakening to Liberation, Sovereignty and Purpose

designed to trigger your own memories as you experience the transmission behind the words

the Initiate

a personal journey of adventures in consciousness with the I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet

Go to to make it yours and check out the curated collection 'to begin' for free shipping in Australia

As a companion to the books and cards, we have created

tutorials and retreat

As described in the books and cards, you will experience and engage Essence and RAMUTet

RAMUtet is the state of ecstasy and attunement when embodying the tantra of RA and MU with Essence

and this Radiance creates a physical expression of Reality.​

Connecting with the Essence of MU (Her, the Consciousness of the Planet we live and love on)

and the Essence of RA (the original Creator codes)

and when you pull this energy into Essence, it ignites the embodiment.

The resulting ‘sekhem’ when imprinted with or directed by your consciousness, can be used for healing, physical expression / manifestation.

the more potent - the more intense and timelier the materialisation / healing / expression

It is presented as a day tutorial, a weekend retreat or an online experience

Join the mailing list on I of RA, the blog Sekhmet Speaks or Retreats Byron Bay to be informed of upcoming dates and special offers.

the FORUM will open DECEMBER 13th 2023

ready to discuss the deck, the work, the RUNES and SIGILS

there are two levels to connect on


your choice and you can opt out anytime

Its all happening as you can see - a progressive and enlightening 2024 I look forward to sharing with you




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