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I of RA 

Consciousness Embodiment 

of the SEER, the Healer, the Warrior + CLAIM • EMBODY • RADIATE series

Experientials • Retreats • One on One • Online Consultations 

for the Seer, the Healer and the Warrior 

to liberate your memories, reclaiming your wisdom, sovereignty and creative power

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This is for the person who wants to step into Mastery 

and live a life outside the programmed Reality of the Matrix, to live their potential, free of dogma, limitation and fear.

This is for the person who has had enough, is calling 'time out 'on the bullshit and wants to live an authentic life with humour, passion and purpose

No matter what level you are - at the beginning of your journey, or well on your way,

perhaps needing an upgrade in your software, to be inspired by your Self again, whatever…

it will be your pace and what you need, experientials designed for you and your objectives.

I am not interested in teaching you dogma 

I just remind you how to 'drive the car' for you to find your own experience of the truth

This is not for 'weekend warriors' 

It is for someone who is committed to Self,  

ready to take responsibility for their experience of reality and embody the opening seed of their infinite potential . 

if you can make this commitment to your Self, 

I will commit to you with knowledge, the power of my Lineage and a generosity of spirit

 – you will see results –

I don’t train dependents, I encourage independence,

so know this is for you - if you want to find your own answers, 

you just need a foolproof, all killer no filler, no nonsense experience of it, 

NOW if not sooner


It all begins with a One on One session...

email to enquire

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