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nuMUrology + Mythos of MU from Galactic Memoirs

The Sacred Door Bitch Podcast for Oct 3 is ready for your informative and entertainment pleasure.

It’s a great episode, I hope you get to hear it - pick it up wherever you get your listens

meanwhile I have included a link to the youtube video in full

Dr Jon joins me and talks nuMUrology, and I read the first chapter of Galactic Memoirs: Mythos of MU which is now available for pre-order at

below is the transcript of the beginning of the podcast with Dr Jon introducing nuMUrology...

Numerology is a science of numbers and their meaning.

To make it clear the system of numerology relates to the construct and the mindset that pervades this reality.

The rules and codes of this reality are based on entropy, atrophy, and degeneration where things are finite, having a beginning and an end represented by the Fibonacci sequence. Although it gets close it never can reach the perfection of the infinite.

The truth is organic consciousness is based on a reality where things are infinite there is no beginning and no end and is represented by the golden mean spiral.

So, if numerology is based on the construct and a finite reality how can it be used to help align consciousness (individual and collective) with the infinite?

In my opinion the value it holds is that it can help to understand and heal the aberrations in consciousness including mental programs and emotional reactions that keep a person trapped in limitation as well as bringing to awareness the gifts and talents yet to be realised and embodied.

Zero is the void and place of neutrality also representing the infinite.

In this reality each number has a meaning or influence with a place in the cycle from 1 to 9.



Ps: what the ? is Ankh em MAAT MAAT is like the balance of the Universe, truth, justice,

Ankh is Eternal Life however it involves Prana and breath, not just a symbol. you breathe life into it.

For me it is like a battle cry of Eternal Life and Breath to Truth Balance and Justice


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