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  • Cosmic Currents May 2021

    COSMIC CURRENTS MAY 2021 Shooting the Shiznay with Tereza about memory, MAAT, sigils and more VIDEO ONE: Annunaki and MAAT Shout out to Mick! Why do you do these videos? Feedback and benefits… cut and paste : please credit where you got it from have the respect to let them know where YOU got it from no integrity : no entry to Essence Annunaki – Coveting is a flag, so is asking you to clean up the MMAT they made cutting and pasting, acting without integrity at the core of it all is consciousness #iofra #consciousness #integrity #Essence #cutandpaste #lineage #MAAT #annunaki #meditation #plagiarism VIDEO TWO: Consciousness and Memory memory manipulation consciousness is the blueprint for everything consciousness rules the template mandela effect / several realities, timelines merging implanted memories have a different feel memories are locked in with emotional reaction #iofra #consciousness #realities #Essence #memory #implantedmemory #meditation #mandelaeffect #greenscreen VIDEO THREE: Sigils Symbols and Juju shout out to Michelle, and deck of RA curves are a different way of creating working with a sigil, the how to pre-programmed geometries and the pitfalls runes of RA: a magical artefact! #iofra #consciousness #floweroflife #geometry #sigil #symbol #Essence #original #magicalartifact #runes #oracledeck #juju VIDEO 4: Imprinting Water defining ‘imprinting’ and imprinting water re-experiencing water from Essence EMFs and the water of the body water carries codes and memory Creating with consciousness (unlimited) vs mind (limitation) Make the creative catalyst behind the Elements your bitch #iofra #consciousness #meditation #hologram #trippy #mushroomsonmars #planetoid #darkroom #pineal #Light #perspective #imprint #imprintwater #graduation #consciousnesswarrior #elements #water #codes

  • Cosmic Currents Autumn 2021 • Commitment to Self • Forum • Handlers

    Cosmic Currents Autumnal theme: Commitment to Self I was a bit shocked when I checked in with my commitment to Self - it must be100% ride or die, nothing else is acceptable. If you are not 100% committed to your Self, the job, the project the relationship etc, you will get the same in return (and wonder why something never takes off / works / satisfies) The FORUM: the call has gone out for 12 peeps to join me in the forum RETURN to AVALLON Joining this closed dreaming will give you access to the Forum for disscussion and dissertations, a monthly DARK MOON ONLINE experiential and a PDF of Galactic Memoirs If this feels like its calling you, then get in touch! Handlers - we have several videos and writings on this already, however the topic seems pertinent to the now so here it is: The Handler keeps you in reaction Flags include: Gaslighting: the person makes you question yourself Unaccountable the Carrot Distraction Stability / Instability sense of obligation / duty / inevitability / ‘fated’ A handler can be a lover, friend, family – person / place / situation you can be your own handler! YOUR EGO IS YOUR HANDLER because if you stay in the victim of being handled, you will never attain mastery - mastery is all about CLAIMING, and that claiming is your power / sovereignty / innate knowing and then in embodying that, all that shit falls away its something you can control / do because its you about you - the ultimate in responsibility which of course makes it the most powerful thing you can do for yourself - back to Commitment to Self Go to and put ‘handlers’ into the search and you will see other essays and videos with information and experience wisdom on this subject Ankh em MAAT x V

  • Join us Online for Monthly Intensives and FORUM!

    Join with kindred in common unity and consciousness alignment here at I of RA. Participate in our forum, where you can exchange ideas, ask questions and deep dive into cosmic currents and topics of curiosity plus take the journey of our monthly intensives CLAIM EMBODY RADIATE and Return to Avallon ONLINE with others as you build conscious connection and community RETURN TO AVALLON Online Experiential Gathering and Forum The sisterhood I am referring to is a symbiosis of Essence aligned organic groovers all living and radiating confidence, authenticity and mutual respect, trusting the support they are giving is appreciated and reciprocated freely, unencumbered by false allegiance and implied duty Each ONLINE will begin with the Essence experience and clearing anything in the way of full connection it will continue with an experiential to open the enquiry of focus and then the magic happens as the group dynamic interacts, the uploadsdownloadsreloads commence, and the cognition and upgrades integrate the Recording will be available if you missed it. (although I recommend attendance) As you work through the process, you have the forum to keep you accountable, witness and engage with as you discuss your current field your discoveries, pondering and questions, continutiing heal the dynamic with Self, the Sacred and the Sisterhood and have the forum to continue our connection and community for daily exchange the forum will be open for discussion as soon as you join EMAIL me: to become a part of this SUBSCRIBE: $55 per month cancel anytime, no refunds for partial month cancellation I put a monetary exchange to this because I will commit to these experientials and online presence 100% and people who work with me always see change and upgrades Also, I wanted only others committed to their sovereignty, liberation and embodying their creative power, to grow a community and feel safe in exchange with others of like consciousness and ideals - no hangers on, drains or peeps here to troll - this is a contained environment for you to connect and thrive in EMAIL me to join, connect or question ANKH em MAAT x V

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  • Adventures in Consciousness | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA | Australia

    WHO AM I ? Vicki Veranese Alchemist • artisan • Metaphysician • • Welcome to my Dimension of Dreaming ​ iF you want to read some stimulating and provocative words and concepts CLICK HERE for my BLOG ​ If you want to watch and listen to Conversations in Consciousness Shooting the Shiznay about Reality, Sovereignty, Liberation and the way things are CLICK HERE for my VLOG Do not attempt to engage if language and candour offends, cause you will be running outside with your hair ablaze after the first 10 minutes ​ If you want to read my Galactic Memoirs and let your memories be stimulated, go HERE ​ IF you want to explore working with me you can check out the ONE on ONE session ​ If you need the expertise and skills of the sacred Door Bitch CLICK HERE ​ IF you want to explore your personal cosmology CLICK HERE ​ If you want to check out more Consciousness Embodiment Experientials Click Here ​ ​ EMAIL: • TEXT : 0412 400 085 Enter Key Word to search site

  • Readings | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA | Australia

    the ORACLE Ever since I can remember, I have been able to see, sense and know energy, I would predict things, or talk about the dead relative appearing behind the person my mother was talking to (which was quiet unnerving to them to say the least!) ​ At 15 I was reading Tarot professionally and even now my passion for it has not dimmed, I absolutely love it I love the interaction with the client, the way the patterns inform and impart wisdom I love the confusion or cloud they come in with dissipate and defused over the session I love to see a sense of purpose and direction renewed and inspiration ignited from within ​ To book a Reading Text: 0412 400 085 or email: Oracle Dictionary Vicki Veranese the I of RA Oracle Oracle Thesaurus Oracle Dictionary 1/3

  • Reclaiming Your Cosmology | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA

    RECLAIM YOUR COSMOLOGY Explore and embody your Essence through this experiential dynamic based on Astrology and Metaphysics ​ ​ Your Astrology chart holds the key to many understandings of Self. It can open you to parts of Self previously unexplored, It can also reveal blocks obstacles disconnections and dynamics that keeping you ignorant of your truth and the magnitude of your creative power ​ There is great potency in symbology and sigals. The energy of the symbol carries weight in the Collective, and so it is recognised from the very depths of Essence, (Essence, is you all the way back to Source) ​ Think of the birthchart as you unique 'sigil' a personal 'blueprint' that encapsulates your frequency Using your astrological data, we lay the planets out in a sphere for you to step into and a tangible experience unfolds to feel the dynamic of how this energy represents you. ​ From here the fun begins • exploring the Self's gifts and talents, • addressing blocks to your attractor factor - cognised and claimed (from abundance to creativity and relationships) - , • relationship dynamics embraced and MAAT restored • Your 'shadow', the spells, curses and inversions busted and transmuted in this and all Dimensions of Dreaming (all realities your are a part of, contribute to and energise) ​ It can be done as an individual session, or with a group ​ EMAIL to enquire TEXT 0412400085 to enquire

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