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  • Join us for Seeing Auras and Energy (+link to giveaway)

    Held within the beautiful flora and fauna of CasaVeras nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, instruction becomes experience wisdom as we ignite and engage the senses expanding our perception You will have experience of seeing the energy of plants and also the auras of people. Its fun and fascinating, a unique experience email: text: 0412400085 to book or for more information ​ Follow the instructions on the Insta Post to enter the draw for a place as my guest at the Experiential

  • I of RA invites you to Celebrate the Season of the Lion

    • traditional time of Sirius Rising • Lions Gate Portal • Sun entering the Constellation of Leo ​ Circle sits: 10-1pm July 24th 2022 ​ Experience Essence connect with and engage Essence (Essence is you, your consciousness all the way back to Source) this gives you access to all your consciousness has experienced, all the incarnations, expressions and realties it has created in; all gifts talents and experience wisdom it has accumulated - embodying this gives it expression and influence in this physical realm ​ Reclaim your Fire If you don’t claim and tame your Fire, it will manifest as the unclaimed, the ‘shadow’ in your experience of the reality Someone or something will use it instead Unclaimed Fire can reflect as chaos, the unpredictable, the uninvited Untamed Fire ignites and fuels emotional reaction, locking you into the people places and situations you are reacting to. Unclaimed Fire in mental realm will leave your mind reactive, in the physical realm, drained; emotionally it will manifest as impotent rage; spiritually in entrapments and entanglements to ensnare and engage you, keeping you locked into an imposed dynamic that is not Essence aligned. $222 Experiential concludes with a delicious plantbased Lunch Email: or Text 0412400085 to book / enquire

  • Double Bubble

    For visceral change, upgrades in experience and physical wellbeing integrating left and right brain healing and consciousness come see Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese Let him work with context on the physical side of things using his Whole Health modality, developed from years of teaching and working with Kinesiology and metaphysical principals. Let her open you to right brain cognizance, taking you to Essence (you your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your experience wisdom, gifts and talents) as she identifies and works with anything in the way of or effecting the body mind spirit embodying its optimum functioning blueprint and most conscious, authentic Self. The results are potent, immediate, and exponential. Book now: text: 0412400085 email: Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese

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  • Adventures in Consciousness | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA | Australia

    WHO AM I ? Vicki Veranese Alchemist • artisan • Metaphysician • • Welcome to my Dimension of Dreaming ​ iF you want to read some stimulating and provocative words and concepts CLICK HERE for my BLOG ​ If you want to watch and listen to Conversations in Consciousness Shooting the Shiznay about Reality, Sovereignty, Liberation and the way things are CLICK HERE for my VLOG Do not attempt to engage if language and candour offends, cause you will be running outside with your hair ablaze after the first 10 minutes ​ If you want to read my Galactic Memoirs and let your memories be stimulated, go HERE ​ IF you want to explore working with me you can check out the ONE on ONE session ​ If you need the expertise and skills of the sacred Door Bitch CLICK HERE ​ IF you want to explore your personal cosmology CLICK HERE ​ If you want to check out more Consciousness Embodiment Experientials Click Here ​ ​ EMAIL: • TEXT : 0412 400 085 Enter Key Word to search site

  • | sekhmetspeaks

    JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for the latest and greatest Subscribe ADD US TO CONTACTS SO WE DONT END UP IN JUNK BONUS: subscribe and recieve a PDF of the MYTHOS OF MU

  • Personal Cosmology | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA

    Personal COSMOLOGY cos·mol·o·gy noun. The definition of cosmology in the dictionary is a science of how the universe started and how it is structured. An example of cosmology is the study of the big bang theory Have you considered your own personal Cosmology? How did your Universe start? If you sense there is more to you than just the here and now, If you want to discover the influences that have helped shape your perceptions and experience both in this life and all consciousness you are rocking in all points of time ​ Let me take you to Essence, YOU all the way back to Source removing any blocks, obstacles or disconnections that stand in the way Be informed by your own knowing and experience wisdom through a deeper more resonant connection with your intuition As you embody Essence, you will have unlimited access to all your gifts talents memories, lineage connection and unique juju It’s the beginning of many great things ​ To enquire or book for this exceptional and original experience (as a session or deeper overnight immersion which includes a Handcut crystal Imbued with a deva from your lineage to potentise your connection) ​ TEXT : 0412400085 or EMAiL :

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