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  • Its all Happening!

    New online shop, print has arrived and new courses to accompany them are here, and its all very exciting ❣️ AVAILABLE NOW The Deck of RA is an all killer no filler set of Oracle cards imbued with unique perspective, practices, and Lore challenging the zeitgeist narrative it will invoke enquiry, have you claiming independent thought embodying experience wisdom and radiating your distinctive juju authoring your experience of and mastery in this reality Featuring the Runes of RA creating Sigils of power + desire Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate a recollection of memories from then till now... awakening to Liberation, Sovereignty and Purpose designed to trigger your own memories as you experience the transmission behind the words the Initiate a personal journey of adventures in consciousness with the I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet Go to to make it yours and check out the curated collection 'to begin' for free shipping in Australia As a companion to the books and cards, we have created CLAIM • EMBODY • RADIATE tutorials and retreat As described in the books and cards, you will experience and engage Essence and RAMUTet RAMUtet is the state of ecstasy and attunement when embodying the tantra of RA and MU with Essence and this Radiance creates a physical expression of Reality.​ ​ Connecting with the Essence of MU (Her, the Consciousness of the Planet we live and love on) and the Essence of RA (the original Creator codes) and when you pull this energy into Essence, it ignites the embodiment. The resulting ‘sekhem’ when imprinted with or directed by your consciousness, can be used for healing, physical expression / manifestation. ​ the more potent - the more intense and timelier the materialisation / healing / expression It is presented as a day tutorial, a weekend retreat or an online experience Join the mailing list on I of RA, the blog Sekhmet Speaks or Retreats Byron Bay to be informed of upcoming dates and special offers. the FORUM will open DECEMBER 13th 2023 ready to discuss the deck, the work, the RUNES and SIGILS there are two levels to connect on RUNES of RA and RIDE OR DIE your choice and you can opt out anytime Its all happening as you can see - a progressive and enlightening 2024 I look forward to sharing with you x V

  • nuMUrology + Mythos of MU from Galactic Memoirs

    The Sacred Door Bitch Podcast for Oct 3 is ready for your informative and entertainment pleasure. It’s a great episode, I hope you get to hear it - pick it up wherever you get your listens meanwhile I have included a link to the youtube video in full Dr Jon joins me and talks nuMUrology, and I read the first chapter of Galactic Memoirs: Mythos of MU which is now available for pre-order at below is the transcript of the beginning of the podcast with Dr Jon introducing nuMUrology... Numerology is a science of numbers and their meaning. To make it clear the system of numerology relates to the construct and the mindset that pervades this reality. The rules and codes of this reality are based on entropy, atrophy, and degeneration where things are finite, having a beginning and an end represented by the Fibonacci sequence. Although it gets close it never can reach the perfection of the infinite. The truth is organic consciousness is based on a reality where things are infinite there is no beginning and no end and is represented by the golden mean spiral. So, if numerology is based on the construct and a finite reality how can it be used to help align consciousness (individual and collective) with the infinite? In my opinion the value it holds is that it can help to understand and heal the aberrations in consciousness including mental programs and emotional reactions that keep a person trapped in limitation as well as bringing to awareness the gifts and talents yet to be realised and embodied. Zero is the void and place of neutrality also representing the infinite. In this reality each number has a meaning or influence with a place in the cycle from 1 to 9. x V Ps: what the ? is Ankh em MAAT MAAT is like the balance of the Universe, truth, justice, Ankh is Eternal Life however it involves Prana and breath, not just a symbol. you breathe life into it. For me it is like a battle cry of Eternal Life and Breath to Truth Balance and Justice

  • the Sacred Door Bitch Podcast

    introducing: the Sacred Door Bitch my new podcast “Welcome to the metaphysical musings of the Sacred Door Bitch, a RA media production Join us as we shoot the shiznay on Adventures in Consciousness with I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet This will include commentary and comment on the Cosmic Currents, Astrology and Astronomy, creating magic and all things Deck / Runes of RA maybe killing a few Santas along the way” its free to subscribe and listen find it on most podcast platforms new episode most weeks, so far just the trailer 😜

  • Maiden, Mother, Ms, Maga, Crone

    Maiden Mother Crone The triple goddess archetype representing the traditional phases of womanhood as three realms of life and experience Maiden, Mother Crone. Significant in a time when women had babies at 15 and were generally dead before menopause and the vicissitudes of old age. When I connected with contemporaries in the consciousness field, they introduced me to the MAGA phase. It was more attuned to modern life and lifespan, representing that time between mother and full crone, perimenopausal / menopause where a woman has wisdom and the time and energy to share it before she ‘retires’ into her Crone expression. I want to add a new phase for consideration as we usher in the age of the Plutonic Aquarian influence. Ms. Maiden • Mother • Ms • Maga • Crone Ms is the one who lived through the traditional mother years however did not have children. She has another aspect of experience wisdom which is authentic, relevant and required as we traverse the future and evolving societal structure. This woman is emerging as a previously unrecognised force and source of untapped power and potential. She needs discussion, her own conversation and to be included and accounted for with the evolution of the feminine archetype in today’s world To be explored, extrapolated and continued…

  • Character v's Programming

    Inspired by my oracle card Akashic Records (pictured) and recent interactions with a student, I began to ponder the distinction between character and programming – what is a constant and what is changeable? Character: noun • the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual • the distinctive nature of something. • the quality of being individual in an interesting or unusual way. • [mass noun] strength and originality in a person's nature. . Program: noun • set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim • a planned series of future events or performances. • (program) a series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine. (lifeform) From the Deck of RA: 07. Akashic Records Reputation and Associations Past effecting future • entanglement • typecast • repetition • notoriety • character • status • esteem • legacy • indoctrination • dimensions of Self / other dimensions of Dreaming • lineage • The much-romanticized records are in fact the Constructs’ dossier on you. • Where and when do you play to type? Fall into roles and follow rules because of past experience, expectation and inserted programming • What in your past haunts you or contributes to your reputation? Character vs Programming ... Character is innate. It is something that emerges when an individual is challenged to claim an aspect of Self, of aligning with their conscience for decision and direction (conscience, is an echo or representative of their consciousness in the sphere / realms of the mind) Programming is something that is instilled, imprinted into the machinations of the mind and can be changed, eradicated, retooled. It ceases to exist when the body dies. It is a variable to the constant of character. In my experience character is innate to Essence. Repeating traits and behaviour appear in other dimensions of Self and are either dormant or active in this dimension of Self. Can character be changed? I think character can be developed, as potentials awaiting acknowledgement, claiming and integration, however these aptitudes, qualities and capabilities are already there, not something to acquire. Working with Essence (you your consciousness all the way back to Source) is an opportunity to access and develop your innate character in this dimension of Self. Online or in person in the hinterland of Byron Bay email: text: 0412 400 085 to book or enquire

  • Claim Embody Radiate!

    Claim Embody Radiate Claim the right / rite to be here, it’s not anything to do with the ‘outside’, claiming is an internal process It is personal, it relies on no other, their approval, witness, or acknowledgment. It arises from within, revealed when the appropriate frequency is reached, and you are able to take responsibility for the power it requires. It cannot be bestowed; it is something that is innate to Essence. It cannot be faked It cannot be taken from you; it is the precursor to embodiment. From a state of vulnerability, it enlists courage and commitment to enact – the ultimate #backyourself EMBODY: living the claimed, give it an opportunity to express its Self and all potentials. RADIATE: is the experience wisdom in action, where the upgraded codes and frequencies originating from the integrity and alignment of your Essence imprints in through and around your field. Its potency is greater / stronger than your programming - it will override and replace it, and a much more authentic and aligned experience / expression will unfold – as within so without Ankh em MAAT See you in the dreaming X Picture: Creator unknown for this amazing image

  • Join us for Seeing Auras and Energy (+link to giveaway)

    Held within the beautiful flora and fauna of CasaVeras nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, instruction becomes experience wisdom as we ignite and engage the senses expanding our perception You will have experience of seeing the energy of plants and also the auras of people. Its fun and fascinating, a unique experience email: text: 0412400085 to book or for more information ​ Follow the instructions on the Insta Post to enter the draw for a place as my guest at the Experiential

  • I of RA invites you to Celebrate the Season of the Lion

    • traditional time of Sirius Rising • Lions Gate Portal • Sun entering the Constellation of Leo ​ Circle sits: 10-1pm July 24th 2022 ​ Experience Essence connect with and engage Essence (Essence is you, your consciousness all the way back to Source) this gives you access to all your consciousness has experienced, all the incarnations, expressions and realties it has created in; all gifts talents and experience wisdom it has accumulated - embodying this gives it expression and influence in this physical realm ​ Reclaim your Fire If you don’t claim and tame your Fire, it will manifest as the unclaimed, the ‘shadow’ in your experience of the reality Someone or something will use it instead Unclaimed Fire can reflect as chaos, the unpredictable, the uninvited Untamed Fire ignites and fuels emotional reaction, locking you into the people places and situations you are reacting to. Unclaimed Fire in mental realm will leave your mind reactive, in the physical realm, drained; emotionally it will manifest as impotent rage; spiritually in entrapments and entanglements to ensnare and engage you, keeping you locked into an imposed dynamic that is not Essence aligned. $222 Experiential concludes with a delicious plantbased Lunch Email: or Text 0412400085 to book / enquire

  • Double Bubble

    For visceral change, upgrades in experience and physical wellbeing integrating left and right brain healing and consciousness come see Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese Let him work with context on the physical side of things using his Whole Health modality, developed from years of teaching and working with Kinesiology and metaphysical principals. Let her open you to right brain cognizance, taking you to Essence (you your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your experience wisdom, gifts and talents) as she identifies and works with anything in the way of or effecting the body mind spirit embodying its optimum functioning blueprint and most conscious, authentic Self. The results are potent, immediate, and exponential. Book now: text: 0412400085 email: Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese

  • Experience ESSENCE

    The Dictionary definition of cosmology is a science of the structure and beginnings of the universe Have you considered your own personal Cosmology? How did your Universe start? If you sense there is more to you than just the here and now, If you want to discover the influences that have helped shape your perceptions and experience both in this life and all consciousness you are rocking in all points of time. Let me take you into Essence, YOU, your consciousness all the way back to Source, removing any blocks, obstacles or disconnections that stand in the way. Be informed by your own knowing and experience wisdom through a deeper more resonant connection with your intuition for this exceptional and original experience online or here @retreatsbyronbay text 0412 400 085 or email: Vicki Veranese #iofRA #sekhmetspeaks #Essence #juju #experiential #consciousness #claircognizance #psychicdevelopment #transformational #meditation #embodiment #byronbay #giftvoucher #adventureinconsciousness

  • Cosmic Currents July 2021

    Avallon Experiential • Tbird emotes • Avallon Burgundy France • understanding Annunaki bloodlines • Memories not channelled information • Accessing Memories through feeling • redefining terminology including sisterhood • del Acqs and the duLacs • Sangreal / Royal Blood of the Mere Draconias Tree TBIRD Borrowed Power Commitment • what is TBird up to? • Goddess Lite Cut and Paste • Channeled is not the shiz • the brain can be tainted, Essence can’t • experience over information Generation more • Social media • brain / emotional reaction / eliciting response • disposable • overprivilged unerparented entitled generation • feeling as opposed to an emotional reaction • overstimulated Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the Lions Gate Portal • Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the portal associated with it • plans for the portal and the closed dreaming • Essence, Clones, DNA clones and walk-ins • Spells kill shots and consequences for meeting lineage • commitment to self, the reality of it • what am I giving my power to – you or all the BS outside Claiming • Claiming Self the journey of Tbird • projecting self instead of claiming / embodiment • the power of claiming • claiming it and commitment go hand in hand • ‘its not what I thought its yet everything I wanted’ • the extraordinary in the ordinary • the work is the resistance • outside help always has a price DRAGON the original spell Depotentised words • Dragon and the lifting of the original spell • the separated lifeforce and consciousness are reunited and the compartmentalisation of the consciousness lifted so full access to the memories / gifts / talents of all incarnations • Cloning Life Force and DNA • MU has broken Her original spell and is back ‘online’ • Lineage aligned with MU will assist in the new closed dreaming • I give great transmission! • Daughters of RA – the time is NOW • TBird and her revelations on sisterhood from the Avallon experiential • what is the embodiment that is being expressed rather than the name of it • what were the original witches / shaman / healers of Britton called? • depotentised words Sonic and the potency of the Hyoid bone #IofRA #consciousness #sonic #transmit #upgrades #potency #hyoidbone #healing RAMUtet and building the Immune system from within #IofRA #consciousness #RAMUtet #immunity #thymusgland #upgrades #immunedefense #healthy #healing

  • Cosmic Currents May 2021

    COSMIC CURRENTS MAY 2021 Shooting the Shiznay with Tereza about memory, MAAT, sigils and more VIDEO ONE: Annunaki and MAAT Shout out to Mick! Why do you do these videos? Feedback and benefits… cut and paste : please credit where you got it from have the respect to let them know where YOU got it from no integrity : no entry to Essence Annunaki – Coveting is a flag, so is asking you to clean up the MMAT they made cutting and pasting, acting without integrity at the core of it all is consciousness #iofra #consciousness #integrity #Essence #cutandpaste #lineage #MAAT #annunaki #meditation #plagiarism VIDEO TWO: Consciousness and Memory memory manipulation consciousness is the blueprint for everything consciousness rules the template mandela effect / several realities, timelines merging implanted memories have a different feel memories are locked in with emotional reaction #iofra #consciousness #realities #Essence #memory #implantedmemory #meditation #mandelaeffect #greenscreen VIDEO THREE: Sigils Symbols and Juju shout out to Michelle, and deck of RA curves are a different way of creating working with a sigil, the how to pre-programmed geometries and the pitfalls runes of RA: a magical artefact! #iofra #consciousness #floweroflife #geometry #sigil #symbol #Essence #original #magicalartifact #runes #oracledeck #juju VIDEO 4: Imprinting Water defining ‘imprinting’ and imprinting water re-experiencing water from Essence EMFs and the water of the body water carries codes and memory Creating with consciousness (unlimited) vs mind (limitation) Make the creative catalyst behind the Elements your bitch #iofra #consciousness #meditation #hologram #trippy #mushroomsonmars #planetoid #darkroom #pineal #Light #perspective #imprint #imprintwater #graduation #consciousnesswarrior #elements #water #codes

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