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  • Double Bubble

    For visceral change, upgrades in experience and physical wellbeing integrating left and right brain healing and consciousness come see Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese Let him work with context on the physical side of things using his Whole Health modality, developed from years of teaching and working with Kinesiology and metaphysical principals. Let her open you to right brain cognizance, taking you to Essence (you your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your experience wisdom, gifts and talents) as she identifies and works with anything in the way of or effecting the body mind spirit embodying its optimum functioning blueprint and most conscious, authentic Self. The results are potent, immediate, and exponential. Book now: text: 0412400085 email: Dr Jon and Vicki Veranese

  • Experience ESSENCE

    The Dictionary definition of cosmology is a science of the structure and beginnings of the universe Have you considered your own personal Cosmology? How did your Universe start? If you sense there is more to you than just the here and now, If you want to discover the influences that have helped shape your perceptions and experience both in this life and all consciousness you are rocking in all points of time. Let me take you into Essence, YOU, your consciousness all the way back to Source, removing any blocks, obstacles or disconnections that stand in the way. Be informed by your own knowing and experience wisdom through a deeper more resonant connection with your intuition for this exceptional and original experience online or here @retreatsbyronbay text 0412 400 085 or email: Vicki Veranese #iofRA #sekhmetspeaks #Essence #juju #experiential #consciousness #claircognizance #psychicdevelopment #transformational #meditation #embodiment #byronbay #giftvoucher #adventureinconsciousness

  • Cosmic Currents July 2021

    Avallon Experiential • Tbird emotes • Avallon Burgundy France • understanding Annunaki bloodlines • Memories not channelled information • Accessing Memories through feeling • redefining terminology including sisterhood • del Acqs and the duLacs • Sangreal / Royal Blood of the Mere Draconias Tree TBIRD Borrowed Power Commitment • what is TBird up to? • Goddess Lite Cut and Paste • Channeled is not the shiz • the brain can be tainted, Essence can’t • experience over information Generation more • Social media • brain / emotional reaction / eliciting response • disposable • overprivilged unerparented entitled generation • feeling as opposed to an emotional reaction • overstimulated Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the Lions Gate Portal • Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the portal associated with it • plans for the portal and the closed dreaming • Essence, Clones, DNA clones and walk-ins • Spells kill shots and consequences for meeting lineage • commitment to self, the reality of it • what am I giving my power to – you or all the BS outside Claiming • Claiming Self the journey of Tbird • projecting self instead of claiming / embodiment • the power of claiming • claiming it and commitment go hand in hand • ‘its not what I thought its yet everything I wanted’ • the extraordinary in the ordinary • the work is the resistance • outside help always has a price DRAGON the original spell Depotentised words • Dragon and the lifting of the original spell • the separated lifeforce and consciousness are reunited and the compartmentalisation of the consciousness lifted so full access to the memories / gifts / talents of all incarnations • Cloning Life Force and DNA • MU has broken Her original spell and is back ‘online’ • Lineage aligned with MU will assist in the new closed dreaming • I give great transmission! • Daughters of RA – the time is NOW • TBird and her revelations on sisterhood from the Avallon experiential • what is the embodiment that is being expressed rather than the name of it • what were the original witches / shaman / healers of Britton called? • depotentised words Sonic and the potency of the Hyoid bone #IofRA #consciousness #sonic #transmit #upgrades #potency #hyoidbone #healing RAMUtet and building the Immune system from within #IofRA #consciousness #RAMUtet #immunity #thymusgland #upgrades #immunedefense #healthy #healing

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  • Adventures in Consciousness | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA | Australia

    WHO AM I ? Vicki Veranese Alchemist • artisan • Metaphysician • • Welcome to my Dimension of Dreaming ​ iF you want to read some stimulating and provocative words and concepts CLICK HERE for my BLOG ​ If you want to watch and listen to Conversations in Consciousness Shooting the Shiznay about Reality, Sovereignty, Liberation and the way things are CLICK HERE for my VLOG Do not attempt to engage if language and candour offends, cause you will be running outside with your hair ablaze after the first 10 minutes ​ If you want to read my Galactic Memoirs and let your memories be stimulated, go HERE ​ IF you want to explore working with me you can check out the ONE on ONE session ​ If you need the expertise and skills of the sacred Door Bitch CLICK HERE ​ IF you want to explore your personal cosmology CLICK HERE ​ If you want to check out more Consciousness Embodiment Experientials Click Here ​ ​ EMAIL: • TEXT : 0412 400 085 Enter Key Word to search site

  • | sekhmetspeaks

    JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for the latest and greatest Subscribe ADD US TO CONTACTS SO WE DONT END UP IN JUNK BONUS: subscribe and recieve a PDF of the MYTHOS OF MU

  • Readings | Sekhmet Speaks | I of RA | Australia

    the ORACLE Ever since I can remember, I have been able to see, sense and know energy, I would predict things, or talk about the dead relative appearing behind the person my mother was talking to (which was quiet unnerving to them to say the least!) ​ At 15 I was reading Tarot professionally and even now my passion for it has not dimmed, ​ I absolutely love it ​ I love the interaction with the client, the way the patterns inform and impart wisdom ​ I love the confusion or cloud they come in with dissipate and defused over the session ​ I love to see a sense of purpose and direction renewed and inspiration ignited from within ​ ​ Oracle Dictionary Vicki Veranese the I of RA Oracle Oracle Thesaurus Oracle Dictionary 1/3 As my experience wisdom has evolved and my understanding of energy and the dynamics of its alchemy has upgraded, a session can also involve giving you a direct experience of your Essence, (you, your consciousness all the way back to Source, all your gifts, talents, and knowings) to reconnect you with your own intuition for clarity, purpose and the confidence to move forward. If it presents, I will also remove any blocks, patterns or bad juju in the way of the positive outcomes that appear as potentials in the reading coming to fruition; and bring forward whatever gifts and talents you have access to from Essence that are available to integrate ​ To book as Reading: Text : 0412 400 085 or email: $150 for 60 minutes +$50 per half hour or part thereof after ​

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