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Sacred Door Bitch

feel the conscious difference of a truly safe and sacred space held with integrity and engaged intent.

if you have something you create in the world, a business, an online or physical event (or want this for your residence or place of work)

and you require it to be sovereign, liberated of any fuckery; claiming and radiating its creative power and potential,

then this will rock your world. 

Below are examples of how people have utilised my unique abilities, 

for whenever or whatever they have needed fortifying or an energetic container to thrive and strive in 

Option 1:

At the opening of the event I will clear the energy,

create a safe space from any interference or hitchikers and disconnect any obligations with lineage initiations that are not Essence aligned

while they are participating in the event


It allows for a clean experience and peeps not walking away with an energetic hangover or attachments

Option 2:

At the opening of the event I will clear the energy and create a safe space from any interference as above

and assist to anchor in the work being done and fine tune the receptivity of the participants – removing any obvious fuckery that is arising


• additional heal and seal with myself and my team

and a debrief session can be included

Option 3: 

Cosmology and Alignment 

For your event, business, home or personal requirement I can create a clear and dedicated unencumbered environment

included in this option is a handcut crystal to set and hold the juju for you to have and hold 

(personalised with a deva from your lineage)

creating for you a fortified etheric vessel of integrity and wholeness to operate within

EMAIL me for info and prices

Sacred Door Bitch
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