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E vs e Your mind is not your consciousness

E vs e - Your mind is not your Consciousness

The definition of an organic being is that it has a direct connection to Source, Prima Materia manifesting as ‘Lifeforce’.

This Lifeforce is directed by consciousness – this is what I am referring to when I speak of ‘Essence’. Your Essence is all your experience and accumulated wisdom, all you have done, been and all your potentials, your consciousness – all the way back to Source

I notice in the zeitgeist the emerging use of ‘e’ for essence as opposed to the respectful title of capitol E, Essence (naming you / your consciousness all the way back to Source.)

I thought it was just an oversight of their spelling / grammar but I realised its because they are not making a Consciousness connection, they are using the mind!

They will ‘ignite your essence’ or ‘embody essence’ – whatever – but what they are really doing is taking your mind to experience your Lifeforce.

That sounds the same right?

Hell to the NOOOO

Your mind is not your Consciousness.

Your mind is programmed to catalogue analyse and collate experience, it is a participant. In its analysis, it will illicit emotional reaction based on its catalogue of previous experience, creating a static charge that locks you into / replays and builds on that dynamic.

Your mind, fabulous as it is, is programmed by a reality that has inbuilt entropy and atrophy, aging, fear and dis-ease.

When you take this mind and join it with the little e ‘essence’– you are imprinting this programing on your Lifeforce – indeed embody that!

Your Consciousness is neutral, both the observer and the observed. It is eternal, limitless and contains your unique and invaluable experience wisdom. By embodying this, you will change / reset your body, mind and emotional reactions liberating it from the false Light and limitations of the mind,

Your Lifeforce is now instructed by something with eternal wisdom and no limitation. You have full access to your creative power. In this integrity, you are non-reactive freeing yourself of mental and emotional traps draining and straining your experience - it’s the ultimate in sovereignty and anti aging!

So when someone speaks of essence with a little ’e’ in my experience they are essentially referring to the mind/LifeForce and if they are promising to ‘ignite’ it or whatever, intentionally or not, they are recommitting your Lifeforce to the programmed mind – throw in a few geometries, binding the corresponding seals – your ‘woke’ just got reappropriated

Ankh em MAAT



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