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Cosmic Currents August Extra: Inserting Memories into the DNA

I mean it sounds scary, its like what do you trust?

If you have a memory that has feeling, that has depth and dimension, it is truth - you know when you know - you know?

If the memory has no feeling - emotional charge is different to feeling, so don't get them twisted, then that is implanted.

I don't believe 'they' can do as much as they want you to think they can - after all, who is the one creating the reality - they may shape it, but they need YOU to create it

Cosmic Currents August extra...

• .Whats in a name?

• PAAS to Gaia, Sophia then MU

• Inserting Memories into DNA video

• discerning your own memories from implanted ones

• Dimensions of Self discerning the real from the imprinted

• they may shape it, but they need YOU to create it, the reality

• Mandela Effect as a catalyst, no need to rabbit hole

• when is your 51%?

• when is the tipping point to the new becoming your primary reality?

• commitment to Self in EVERY moment, not just momentarily

• Dragon Riding – for those who have been through the initiation

• Dimensions of Self through the Spheres

• exploring the Elemental realm on the organic (no)timeline

• introducing the ‘Dragon’ elemental

• this is a experiential for those who haven’t been through the training, something to share

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