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Cosmic Currents: Experience is the ONLY Black...


Explore and embody your Essence through this experiential dynamic based on astrology and metaphysics. Its interactive, dynamic and potent with tangible results

Redefining: the 'SHADOW' concept

We explore the concept of the Shadow and how the new-age distortion has turned it into a catchphrase for all things bad beginning with you, something wrong with you.

Through experience wisdom we find that this is not the case and that the real explanation is something completely different that was liberating and empowering

Somethings will always be - integrity, taking responsibility for your own experience, memories returning - its all happening, its how you embrace it and embody it that counts xxx

• Information is a distraction to personal experience

• tangible experience informs

• Reclaiming your Cosmology:

smashing the mirror / inversions programing hidden within the your Astrology

• When is enough enough

• Optimal Functioning Blueprint for all – the only Reality to energise

• Commitment to Self actually lubricates the way

• Tereza embodies another Dimension of Self

• As within so without v’s As above so below inversion MerKaBa

• ME (Mandela Effect) a few explanations…

• CERN, ‘them’ what is the protagonist?

• when does it come back to Self?

• confusion in finding the Self’s truth

• different timelines, different expressions of truth

• the importance of defining the use of terms

• the Matrix is not just ‘on our planet’ or ‘installation’

• Off Planet organics – busting the Matrix here and in their homeworld

• Embodying needs integrity

• exploring ‘Shadow’ as a new age concept

• Defining the ‘Shadow’: is it a shadow or in fact inverted spells?

• is it your Shadow emanating from within, or the result of Mirror / inversion tech?

• As the Egyptian Magics fall, so too does the spells and illusion of control

• Shadow as Polarity from the ‘outer’ is it matching the embodiment of Essence

• Do you shadow work, but define shadow: the shadow implies that there is something wrong with you, the inversion is how the matrix has fucked you and you react

• Shadow: as Ego – the arrogance that blinds you to your truth

• Experience takes it beyond concept, and is its own proof and reward

• Reclaiming your Cosmology is rocking our world experientially

• the Liberation of feeling nothing but NOW

• the Delphi and control and domination

• feeding you the spin that they are more powerful

• if we believe it we create it

• as MU uprights, the false Light constructs cannot stay

• Our lineages have been sold off and traded, handled by controlling our PIneals / Consciousness…

• more Astrology stuff Reclaiming your Cosmology

• Raise the Seals (the tags of ‘ownership’ who own ‘you and your Lineage) and break them

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