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What do you Energise: the Authentic Organic 'no-time' Line, or the Matrix?

A bit controversial, we acknowledge the tradegies that have been experienced by real people, and do not in any way belittle their suffereing or the injustice of it all - however the picture for me, captures how they manipulate us through our emotions to achieve the problem reaction solution to their set the scene for their own agendas that are not to help or protect, but to tighten the reigns on domination and control...

Energising the Organic or Matrix

• How many Suns in the sky…

• False Flags no longer work

• AI, the internet – alternatives?

• develop the INNERNET

• what reality are you energising - The organic or the Matrix?

• anchoring the Organic timeline

• the unprogrammed Self setting the reality

• regenerating teeth more more more

Sound as a Multidimensional Experience

• Sound: the harmony of the Spheres

• Hearing – exploring the senses within the spheres – multidimensionally

• two earths? Or the reality peeling back…

• LightCodes: no weekend warriors please, leave the Matrix behind on this ride

• Clairaudience with Jill

• weekend warrior additional discussion


• what is a handler?

• more on love bites and handlers and dysfunctional relationship dynamics

• handlers can ‘re-incarnate’ throughout ‘time’ - imitate ‘Soul Family’

• Eve Lorgan: good info for ‘love bite’

Belief Systems Rule

• Daniel is back

• Believe it - it will come

• They need your battery – which reality are you fueling?

• Unlearning what we know

• wobbling of the reality – signals for change

Finding your truth

• discerning truth from Matrix information

• love bite: obsession expanded

A Quickie on Crystals

• machine cut crystals – AI interface?

• reclaiming the Elemental realm

• what programs are they running that are not organic?

• putting Devas into crystals… stay tuned

Commtment to Self

• Love bite in the context of concepts

• discipline / commitment to self

• easy is because of the work

Creating New Realities from the Neutral

• Creating from the Neutral

• Co-Creating Realities in Sovereignty

• sovereignty needs authenticy and integrity to be embodied

• the innernet connecting with other consciousness warriors across the world

• we are desensitied to the ‘false flag’, their own weapon turned against them…

• crisis girl – fake lives matter…

• don’t fuel fires you don’t want lit

Karma and other polarised belief systems

• fucked if you do fucked if you don’t

• Karma comes with polarity - Neutral -where is the emotional (magnetic) charge?

Karma 2

• opening the discussion on Karma

• Catholic Church: Sin

• No Age movement: Karma

• creating through the neutral and FEELING – breaking the spell

• experience wisdom: feeling is more powerful than imagination

• using your ‘electro-magnetics’

Moving through the Illusion

• the reality changing, fuckery exposed

• consciousness warriors unite – belief systems are running this show

• they need you and your life force (battery) more than you need them…

• Pulling the life force from rogue DNA creations

• how many ‘humans’ are organic? How many are AI or whatever?

• justice without judgement

• ‘deprograming’ all we know unlearning all we know

• JFK assassination through fresh eyes

#energisingtheMatrixorOrganic #MultidimensionalSOUND #Karma #FalseFlags #CrystalsandDevas #handlers #LoveBite #SoundasaMultidimensionalExperience #NoAgenewage

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