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Psychic Warfare 101 - Reverse Engineering

Byron Morning by Tereza Delphina

We are at the end of a very long cycle which, as we move through the cosmic currents, takes us largely into the unknown. Unknown because its new, uncharted, ours to create with - unfettered by agendas of control and domination in integirty with our truth and Essence, who and what we really are.

Unlearning is the new black - question everything and listen only to Essence, to the un co-opted feeling within, the knowing that is You, the sum total of your Experience, all the way back to Source to claim your Sovereignty and the command of your Hologram, your experience of the Reality.

We are forging ahead and taking no prisioners - this set of videos is more on Psychic Warfare to open you to how we have been experiencing the co-opting and harvesting of our Selves and the Reality and how we have been moving through it - hopefully inspiring you, stimulating you and answering a few questions along the way.

AND we are super excited here at the Veras Mystery School to have the space ready now for the

Psychic Development Retreat thats been in invitro creation mode ready to launch here at CasaVeras in the Byron Bay hinterland on September 11-13 2015 • CLICK HERE for a preview of whats planned so far...

VLOG content preview :

CLICK HERE for the entire Psychic Warefare 101 playlist or on the individual heading to get da juice

Alien Love Bite and ‘Lineage Handlers’ throughout incarnations

Embodying Lineage

Creating the Hologram

Booby Trapping your field - Engaging through the Sacred Neutral

Pulling the Chakra System to reveal our true Etheric Structure

Where we are going next…

Geometries of the New MerKaBa

Consciousness invasion – take back your ‘land’ Sovereignty

Phase Lock - Instant access to your hologram

Astrology Numerology as Archon manipulation

End of a 26,000-year cycle and intro to Jill, our newest teacher in training

Programs and triggers for Harvest or Freedom

More Dream state programming…

RA Mu Tet and the Sacred Neutral escaping the fuckery

Recreating from the past

Humanoid – the optimal blueprint of RA in physical expression in this multiverse.

OTT Emotional States - Discerning what’s yours

Reverse Engineering programming - Cecil the Lion and LyRAn from Fear to Freedom

Blockages to embodying Power

The picture with this post was taken by Tereza days ago, I love that the Sun looks like a glowing Metatron's Cube, a clue to what is really is perhaps?

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