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Programming Crystals

My method is to engage my *Essence and then connect with the Essence of the Crystal and then I merge what I want with the Crystals’ energy and open the frequency to include it, and see sense and feel the together creation - often I will then create and program a **MerKaBa with this Essence with what I want - merging our Hearts and etheric spines.

As you complete the programming hold the energy and ‘cut’ it in to the crystal - nick it so it’s in the matrix of the physical crystalline grid.

Machine Cut Crystals

Whoever cuts the crystal, programs the crystal, when the crystal is machine cut, most often, it has had the ‘Soul’, Essence or Deva of it removed, traumatized sedated or enslaved.

To renew, revive and use the Crystal, create the experience of RaMuTet within, engaging the Earth Sphere to open a portal to the Elemental Realms, where you can create or invite a new Essence or Deva to inhabit the crystal structure. I have found this to be particularly effective with reviving machine cut crystals.

In my experience…

In the Crystal pictured, I used the above method, with the intention to create an amplifier to open and enhance the connection with the Elemental Realms.

Soon after the RaMuTet was pumping, engaging the Earth Sphere, I opened to the Elemental Realm and a frequency came to me that held the ability for that amplification. The Essence of the Frequency was excited to come into this realm and be housed in this crystalline structure, so the rest was a celebration in Union and refined consciousness and the transition into the new housing of the Crystal effortless.

I use the crystal with people who want to ‘see’.

When aligned with and attuned to the Deva of the Crystal, communion with the frequency opens your ‘Third Eye’ to the Elemental Realms so you can see and interact with it.

The final step is to remove all contracts agreements etc you have in place that prevent you from ‘seeing’ everything. Any fears or consequences of having the ‘second sight’, any ancestral agreements or karmas holding the barrier in place

Click HERE for a video Link to RaMuTet

Click HERE for a Link to more info on Contracts

* Essence is your sum total of Soul experience, all bodies all dimensions all points in time - all of You, all the way back to Source

**MerKaBa: a counter-rotating field of electro-magnetic Light that moves through Realities, interprets Realities and creates Realties.

Ankh em Ma’at

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