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Energetic exchange for intercession - there is no such thing as a free ride...

When you ask an entity for help, then understand there is no such thing as a free lunch – its not Ma’at, there must be an exchange.

Some Beings are happy with frequencies of the potions prepared, elixirs of alchemy and honouring to placate their energetic desires.

Many can be amused with offerings of grain and flowers, incense and blessed water, others need the commitment of flesh or blood, and other such fuckery as eternal vows of servitude; but in true effect, it’s really your adoration, your devotion and trust they crave, and for their help or intervention, they will demand it.

Be it your cult pagan Gods of old or the sanctified churches of today’s religion, Jehovah, Allah - they all want a slice of your pie.

There is a difference between honouring and celebrating someone or something and putting another before you as higher or more entitled than you, more powerful or more knowing than you.

Once you use their energy to obtain your free will choices, you are entangling with their energies, their karmas, unconsciously creating contracts and agreements that may not be in alignment with your Essence expression.

You are a sovereign self-contained energy system capable of self-sustainability and self-determination.

You create your experience of the Reality and intervention from an outside source better be worth the exchange it’s asking.

You owe no one.

Break all contracts, agreements, allowances with all their fine prints and inclusions agreed to both consciously and unconsciously in all bodies, all dimensions all points in time on all timelines and timetracks with entities that are using your energy, your body, your mind or your spirit that is not in alignment with your Essence expression or your free will conscious choice.

You are the true power to affect your Reality. Believe it. Know it. Trust it.

Ankh em Ma’at

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