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Return to Avallon


Igniting your relationship to the Sacred, the Sisterhood and the Self

The Lore of the Goddess Mysteries were passed through Lineage initiation which in turn travelled home with the ‘graduates’ and spread the juju around Europe and the globe

Be it AVALLON in Burgundy France or the AVALON of Britain,

the common themes of the Sacred and Divine Feminine united them in frequency and lineage.

Sit circle with us again

Awaken knowings and Heal hurts

Renew and recommit to your path of honouring the Goddess and celebrating the Self

We begin early and end around dusk

You will enjoy delicious plantbased cuisine from Alive and Wild Plantgasm, immersed in the

flora and fauna of the magical Byron Hinterland undertaking this sacred experience

To ignite this adventure in consciousness,You will be initiated into Essence

(Essence is YOU, your Consciousness all the way back to Source

All your incarnations, experience wisdom, gifts and Talents)

This will Liberate your memories

(and you, from any previous initiations not Essence aligned)

Giving you access to claim your creative power - Sovereignty in Action

You will receive a custom cut crystal to record your experience

in which we will install a deva from or aligned with your Lineage

come alone, bring a friend

gather your gals and create this opportunity as a shared experience for your Circle

Text: 0412400085 or email:

to book your preferred day / date

WEEKEND Retreat (Deeper Immersion)

A weekend of nature, nurture and connection with

Essence, lineage, experience wisdom and authentic sisterhood in the Hinterland of Byron Bay

you choose the date that suits you

NOW AVAILABLE as a 90minute experiential here at CasaVeras or ONLINE!

you choose your level of engagement at your preferred time and date

From Galactic Memoirs 2, the inspiration for this retreat experiential

I enter the Gaia Construct into the timeline of the 6oo’s Burgundy France.

I am born into the family del Acqs, part of a new breed of aristocrat emerging as a result of a renaissance suddenly flourishing in Europe, alongside the rise of Rome.

Celebrated for the clan’s unique forte rather than bloodline, it was no longer a matter of birth status, rather it was the abilities and power that now conveyed standing and prestige in this dimension of dreaming.

You didn’t have to be born into the ‘right’ or ruling DNA lineage to be considered privileged or elite, if you were exceptional at what you did, it was thought to pass through the bloodline (indeed, the way the Annunaki set up incarnation within the Construct it did) and so, great ‘houses’ or lineages began to build and flourish, similar to the A11 and Djinn on the organic (no)timeline.

The del Acqs were strong and sort after, in that the Essences that inhabited many of their DNA lineage corporeal vessels were A11 and Djinn from the organic (no)timeline.

The Annunaki that coveted their skills were clamoring to be educated by, married to, or initiated into their mysteries, constantly trying to infiltrate and harness the energy and Essences through alliance and ritual.

The del Acqs was their birth status, their power status was as the du Lacs.

The name is derived from ‘Lac’ or the sap of the sacred tree they cultivated to use in ceremony, opening the consciousness to gateways and interface with the closed dreaming of the Elemental realm.

The sap ranged in colour, texture and preparation. From the first blooms of liquid amber to the more matured blood red viscosity obtained from tapping the trunk of the seasoned, aging acacia; it was known amongst initiates as the Sangreal or ‘Royal Blood’, so named for the colour and the sacredness and mystery held in the blood, the DNA and Its experience wisdom. The keys, codes and accessibility to this most prized and sort after realm were gained after ritual ingestion, application or inhalation of its harvested physical expression, and the du Lacs were the guides, guardians and exclusive holders of the plant’s cultivation and its use in cures, ceremony and consciousness expansion.

The del Acqs were a descent that developed their reputation and strengthened their standing through education and alliance. Those whose underwent the training and passed the subsequent initiations were automatically imbued with an expectation of character and ability that held a sense of integrity and a mysterious link to a vague but charismatic power.

It was considered essential for bloodlines of standing, or even newer ones as a way to establish themselves in the hierarchy to send their daughters and sons to the island estate of Avallon, where Initiation into the mysteries was promised and a network of political and social contacts guaranteed

Hope to see you here and in the dreaming

Ankh em MAAT




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