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Let me be clear on Sisterhood

Let me be clear here on SISTERHOOD

I am talking about mutual respect – not some faux BS ritual or rite to link you through ties to fuck knows what or whom.

One of my Goddess Lite ‘refugees’ was at effect using blood – the workshop she attended was to take back the power of her menstrual blood had them linking and processing their blood in vials on the altar

ever since she was at effect of the collective ‘karma’ of the group as well as their dysfunction and depression

she took that blood vial to other women’s workshops and placed it on their altar and so linked those participants and experience to the previous ritual

Its like contagion!

the sisterhood I am referring to is a symbiosis of Essence aligned organic groovers all living and radiating confidence, authenticity and mutual respect, trusting the support they are giving is appreciated and reciprocated freely, unencumbered by false allegiance and implied duty

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