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Goddess Lite

This blog post is dedicated to all those women who have come to me to take back their power and disentangle themselves - bravo to your bravery and commitment to Self xx

It’s a phenomenon I have come to recognise and name, Goddess Lite

An indeterminate age group but the demographic is calling on the ancient ties of contract and agreement; relying on the depth of longing for connection of organic beings suffering the original spell separating lifeforce and compartmentalising consciousness to be vulnerable in their isolation and loneliness.

They usually have a great social media following (bought and paid for?) and they say all the right things – join us and find sisterhood, reclaim the feminine sacred and divinity and of course the prerequisite: empowerment with a few embodiments thrown in

They look great! They wave their arms around and chant and look generally ecstatic and have excellent #instawoke hashtags and memes

They draw on disciplines and doctrines appropriating from many different cultures. They mix and match till they come up with something ‘original’ (subtext: cut and paste from many courses they have done and amalgamate it into something ‘new’ and unique’ as their own)

Nothing is original, nothing is new and they have no real idea the context of or more importantly who / what is the recipient of the juju or the energy accessed and created during the rites and rituals they are replicating, let alone the effect of mixing them all together.

Lots of peak experiences with no substance or integration, nor the power and ground to hold it

They also know how to and are most successful in their ability to monetize this.

(and if you join them again, you can pay them to learn how too)

I mean B R A V O! I respect the hustle, everyone has the right to express themselves and receive exchange for their creation and ideas in action.

It works for me because I have a steady stream of ‘refugees’ from their retreats and promised sovereignty through financial freedom programs.

Disillusioned and broken, needing to recover from exposure to such groups, I love them because their dedication to that longing for truth is what gets them to me.

They got enamoured by the elevator pitch, by a truth igniting them, however giving credit by association to the subsequent half truths and lies that accompany the initial fire and recognition of something tangible in their search are only revealed later as they delve further into the labyrinth and consequently down the rabbit hole.

When we work together, one of the first things I address is the emotional charge of guilt blame and shame locking in the association. Then the disappointment and anger at self for being gullible and trusting, used and abused, and then ultimately their betrayal of their truth because their intuition was flagging it but their longing for connection and experience over rode it.

I disconnect them from initiations not Essence aligned, remove programs and harvesting from implanted and overlaid geometries they have unwittingly installed or allowed to take hold while be introduced and inducted to Goddesses and Entities that claim divinity, absolution and power in exchange for ‘merging’ or inviting them to inhabit the vessel, or dedication of their juju (generally to service a hidden agenda or cause)

When these women connect with and begin to embody Essence, the dynamic changes and they become their own reference and author. The search ‘outside’ is over and the integrity of within is recognised as a preferred medium of experience and reliable information. The potentials they instinctively knew they had are now accessible and possible, and their relationships reflect this honouring and respect.

They remember and reclaim lineage (in all its forms) and that satiates the need for belonging and restoring the sacred.

Let me reiterate – there is truth out there and there are women and groups doing incredible amazing and genuine work – this is NOT or whom I am referring to.

I am referring to the ones who claim a lot but don’t deliver, who keep you hooked and paying and you keep going because you feel worse than when you started being gaslighted into believing ‘that is the process’ and you are in resistance and avoidance and not ‘owning’ your shit.

Trust your instincts and follow them – or come to me if you are feeling lost and disconnected. I’m not interested in giving you dogma and tenet, just reminding you how to ‘drive the car’ and come to your own conclusions.

Ankh em MAAT


artist unknown but appreciated x

video I did earlier this year that compliments this essay


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