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Vicki Veranese

Alchemist • artisan • Metaphysician

Welcome to my Dimension of Dreaming

iF you want to read some stimulating and provocative words and concepts CLICK HERE for my BLOG

If you want to watch and listen to Conversations in Consciousness

Shooting the Shiznay about Reality, Sovereignty, Liberation and the way things are CLICK HERE for my VLOG


Do not attempt to engage if language and candour offends,

cause you will be running outside with your hair ablaze after the first 10 minutes

If you want to read my Galactic Memoirs and let your memories be stimulated, go HERE

IF you want to explore working with me you can check out the ONE on ONE session

If you need the expertise and skills of the sacred Door Bitch CLICK HERE

IF you want to explore your personal cosmology CLICK HERE

If you want to check out more Consciousness Embodiment Experientials Click Here

EMAIL:  •  TEXT: 0412 400 085

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