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Visualisation vs Embodiment Emotion vs Feeling

People throw around these words and concepts, but lets just break it down and sort the real from the no age bullshit

Lets start with the latter...

Emotion is a reaction triggered by your response to what the brain perceives.

Be it a person, place, situation, it is a learned response that is built up over time and thus ‘programmed’.

The same stimulus builds intensity so the emotional reaction can be triggered, engineered to elicit response and retort.

(I go to my ‘happy place’, that makes me depressed’ etc)

Visualisation is a function from the brain. Based on the boundaries and limitation of what has gone before, what we ‘know’ or have ‘seen’. It uses limited senses and is fuelled by emotional reaction, usually born of ‘want’ or ‘lack’.

Feeling is a consciousness, a timeless knowing that holds depth and dimension, containing all possibilities

Feeling has integrity, it is the origin of inspiration and is a direct communication from Essence (you all the way back to Source, the sum total of all your experience wisdom, all your ‘lives’ and incarnations)

When you embody this feeling - ground it into and radiate it from every cell of your Being, you are now rocking the frequency to create an experience of reality that reflects that – as within so without

Embodiment engages all the senses, and fuelled by feeling and unlimited possibilities, the scope of your desire has an opportunity to be fully realised – bigger and better than you could have ‘imagined’ using the limited scope of the brain.

It may take a little practice to discern the difference between emotional reaction and feeling – sometimes old paradigms die hard, however it is an art and it can be mastered.

Expect surprises!

I have created an experiential to get you in to Essence, reclaiming your sovereignty, liberated from all encumbrances of embodying your creative power and rocking your innate juju

This can be done online or in person here at Retreats Byron Bay,

Message me to enquire

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