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Claim Embody Radiate!

Claim Embody Radiate

Claim the right / rite to be here, it’s not anything to do with the ‘outside’, claiming is an internal process

It is personal, it relies on no other, their approval, witness, or acknowledgment.

It arises from within, revealed when the appropriate frequency is reached, and you are able to take responsibility for the power it requires.

It cannot be bestowed; it is something that is innate to Essence.

It cannot be faked

It cannot be taken from you; it is the precursor to embodiment.

From a state of vulnerability, it enlists courage and commitment to enact – the ultimate #backyourself

EMBODY: living the claimed, give it an opportunity to express its Self and all potentials.

RADIATE: is the experience wisdom in action, where the upgraded codes and frequencies originating from the integrity and alignment of your Essence imprints in through and around your field.

Its potency is greater / stronger than your programming - it will override and replace it, and a much more authentic and aligned experience / expression will unfold

– as within so without

Ankh em MAAT

See you in the dreaming


Picture: Creator unknown for this amazing image


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