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Maiden, Mother, Ms, Maga, Crone

Maiden Mother Crone

The triple goddess archetype representing the traditional phases of womanhood as three realms of life and experience Maiden, Mother Crone.

Significant in a time when women had babies at 15 and were generally dead before menopause and the vicissitudes of old age.

When I connected with contemporaries in the consciousness field, they introduced me to the MAGA


It was more attuned to modern life and lifespan, representing that time between mother and full crone, perimenopausal / menopause where a woman has wisdom and the time and energy to share it before she ‘retires’ into her Crone expression.

I want to add a new phase for consideration as we usher in the age of the Plutonic Aquarian influence.


Maiden • Mother • Ms • Maga • Crone

Ms is the one who lived through the traditional mother years however did not have children.

She has another aspect of experience wisdom which is authentic, relevant and required as we traverse the future and evolving societal structure.

This woman is emerging as a previously unrecognised force and source of untapped power and potential.

She needs discussion, her own conversation and to be included and accounted for with the evolution of the feminine archetype in today’s world

To be explored, extrapolated and continued…


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