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Queens Conclave Rocktober

Link to discussion group, Family of RA

TBird, Adela and myself on panel – we talk, discuss discect the NOW and take questions from others gathered about the videos we make and the cosmic currents we discuss in the RA group

Adela, Tereza Vicstar

Queens Conclave Part 1

• 0.36 to begin: Dissolving of the Gaia construct and the wholeness of Self returning

• 2.55 seeing a different Reality, what is behind the reality

• 3.25 Colours – seeing sensing and feeling colour with sentience

• 6.00 perceiving Light in a different way

• 7.00 False Light as Organic Fragmented and compartmentalised

• inorganics cannot create Light

• embed the Light with False codes and we receive the false codes

• 9.15 they have domino over each colour band, assigning an Ascended Mastery, Archangel etc

• 10.00 experiencing the interface and harness through a relationship dynamic with an inorganic

• 11.40 no ‘false Light’ because they cannot create Light – its organic Light, corrupted Light

• 12.45 refraction through geometry

• 15.20 the difference in the colour with sentience and the construct

• 16.29 Elementals and corresponding matrix colour vibrations…limited

• 18.53 let the colour inform – the new information through frequency of colour and sound

• 19.55 all our senses are co-opted

• 20.20 Matrix 2D construct insert

• 22.01 2 earths?

• 22.40 the matrix glitching reveals the ‘screen’

• 25.21 JLL refers to a sound of the Earth expanding literally and metaphorically

• 27.01 MU’s ‘Sirens Call’ to her organics A11

• 27.44 Mu decommissioning the metals in Her core

• 30,23 JLL A11 in terms of DNA template /evolution – I talk about A10 and A11 it in terms of consciousness and lineage

• 31.33 Gnostics part of the Sophia construct

• 33.10 Sophias secret name

• 35.00 Matrix concepts of limitation defy the description of the organic experience – transmission is required

• 39.22 Tereza and I have seen the videos, Adela has read the book, a more extensive knowledge bank

• 40.15 mastery required the initiation into organic Light that when embodied and radiated has information, transmission and entrainment

• 42.46 the embodiment behind the concept and words – everyone will have their own flavour

• 44.24 Mandy shows us how its done – awesome demonstration of feeling her Essence and transmitting it

• 46.18 glowing radiance personified

• 46.53 trying to repeat a peak experience – good advice on building from there

don’t think about it and try to match it – feel it and allow the next expression of it to unfold

• 49.10 words co-opt transmission rules – proof is in the radiance

• 49.52 our shared experience is not dictated by words and instruct, its something we have individually and when we come together and share, it happens to be the same!

• 51.04 the tech works with organics, inorganics cant make the necessary connections

Queens Conclave Part 2

• 0.15 Zero Point – an ‘event’ with Lyndsey

• 1.37 an individual experience with MU to create a new Collective?

• 2.10 zero point connected to time and compartmentalisation of Selves

• 3.44 served to create conversation even straight 180’s talk about it

• 4.20 defining your own zero point

• 5.58 full commitment to Self and responsibity for your experience as a zero point moment

• 7.07 daylight savings separates ‘reality’ through time

• 7.45 Jonny makes an appearance about reality, zero point and when you embody Essence rather than the constructs version of you

• 11.09 Tereza gives us an Oh My God!

Zero point is when you energise the 51% Essence embodiment /organic rather than energising the matrix

• 12.40 Zero point as no-age promise like 2012

• 14.32 how much do we create through suggestion

• 15.28 MU upright – is that the event?

• 15.46 JLL talked about the correction

• 17.01 what actually is ‘real’ how much is suggestion we are manipulated into creating

• 19.07 realising how our feeling nature is manipulated to energise agendas

• 19.35 truth with misinformation to confuse and harness for the fake construct

• 20.28 they give us the geometry to fill with our creative potential

• 20.50 A11 can do it split like a prism – most coveted

• 22.02 selling land / home – remove all effects of ceremony etc

• 23.06 organics with Stockholm syndrome – they learn to love the jail / jailor

• 25.50 feelings saved us – they cant be corrupted the way emotions can

• 26.13 it’s the emotion/emotional reacton that keeps us locked in

• 27.01 Love as a concept or a Matrix frequency

• 29.29 NO age another religion along with their version of ‘love’

• 32.01 Jonny’s back, emotional entrapment and reality creation – the way back through feeling

• 32.49 what is the visceral sign between an emotion and a feeling

• 33.10 emotion = reaction – neutral is the key

• 36.06 when you are in fear you are in constant reaction

• 35.20 Love a concept till felt or the greatest deception ever

• 37.47 Transmission

• 40.13 If you have done ATIH training – then this will be something for you – the beams, the opening of the third eye and the co-opt we experienced – definitely hot stuff

• if it feels wrong it is – remember and trust your instincts, not no age justification dogma

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