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Cosmic Currents December 2015

Full Moons, intense astrolgoical configurations, crazy distractions, dysfunctional family dynamics, false, fake flags fuckery - its on like donkey kong groovers!

Who is REALLY running this show?

If we are the creators and direct Source connection, its really US, based on our belief systems.

Now is the time to really examine what is your truth and what have you been 'fed' and digested as 'yours'.

The greatest connection you can make is with your Essence, you all the way back to Source. Engage your experience wisdom, all the answers are within...

If you need guidance on the how to - check out our playlist on practical excercises - it tech to get you into your Self, we dont do dogma, you can find your own truth, when you have access to it.

Stay connected to Essence and mainline MU - cause change is coming and transformation is immenent. Make it your directive, not something that is the dictate...

Cosmic Currents December VLOG

• what do you think the ‘reveal’ will be?

• what’s ‘alien’

• AI is the new black…


‪Satanism, Ritual & Relative Morality with Mark Passio on Buzzsaw

• I am a God v’s Creator Being

• public interaction…what percentage of ‘people’ are ‘human’

• pull your energy from all AI and non sovereign / organic realities

• consciousness invasion: if you can’t have quality you need quantity

• breath of life review…

• embodiment ups the intensity

• disconnect from all distractions and addictons

• the addiction to the Matrix

• sovereignty, the ‘God’ complex or the return to the organic, original Creator Beings

• sovereignty as experience wisdom

• V series, 2009, prophetic?

• programming stations, pyramids, C E R N etc

• the game changes as the awakening continues

• The false Messiah: welcome to the show

• information / disinformation - whats the agenda?

• mass media / alternative media

• Project BlueBeam…

BLOG: click for a summary of Serge Monast’s research

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