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Cosmic Currents : September Equinox

As we power through September, the forecast of doom and gloom is peppered with the undertones of resistence - the awakening of humanity is becoming exponential and we discuss, our experience as warriors of consciousness, and how we are ourselves navigating liberation from the inorganic timeline of 'the Matrix'

We discuss the exposure of the 'Matrix' system and the subsequent co-opting and manipulation of the collective experience, of which we have been previuosly unaware, and how we are now exposing and transmuting it in our world.

We also refer to Harald Kautz-Vella's video with Veronica Keen and how he rocks our world...

• Organic timeline v’s Inorganic ‘Matrix’ timeline

• things in the matrix timeline that don’t exist in the organic timeline

• New Age dogma exposed: the ultimate A.I. wet dream

• Consciousness invasion the bottom line

• You are powering both timelines…

• Relating to others in and through the Matrix setting

• developing the ‘inner net’

• exposing the Matrix

• Harald Kautz-Vella our new BFF

• Abundance tied in with $$$

• Morgellens and currency

• Organic timeline records of a sentient Being

• the Akashic Records are WITHIN the Matrix

• ask MU’s organic intelligence for direct understanding of ‘her-story’

• non linear understanding

• defining the AI inorganic consciousness invaders:

they have no direct connection to Source unless they piggyback hijack hack sentient Source (connected) Beings

• Black cube coded virus

• The Plutonic Solids harnessing and programing our glands

• are all geometries co-opted?

• golden mean spiral the glands and liberate their frequency

• Black Cube = Saturn agenda

• other geometries = programming, harvesting energy and information (Fire and Light), behaviour modifications, immune function manipulation…

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