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Cosmic Currents May 2021


Shooting the Shiznay with Tereza about memory, MAAT, sigils and more

VIDEO ONE: Annunaki and MAAT

Shout out to Mick!

Why do you do these videos?

Feedback and benefits…

cut and paste : please credit where you got it from have the respect to let them know where YOU got it from

no integrity : no entry to Essence

Annunaki – Coveting is a flag, so is asking you to clean up the MMAT they made cutting and pasting, acting without integrity

at the core of it all is consciousness

VIDEO TWO: Consciousness and Memory

memory manipulation

consciousness is the blueprint for everything

consciousness rules the template

mandela effect / several realities, timelines merging

implanted memories have a different feel

memories are locked in with emotional reaction

VIDEO THREE: Sigils Symbols and Juju

shout out to Michelle, and deck of RA

curves are a different way of creating

working with a sigil, the how to

pre-programmed geometries and the pitfalls

runes of RA: a magical artefact!

VIDEO 4: Imprinting Water

defining ‘imprinting’ and

imprinting water

re-experiencing water from Essence

EMFs and the water of the body

water carries codes and memory

Creating with consciousness (unlimited) vs mind (limitation)

Make the creative catalyst behind the Elements your bitch


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