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Cosmic Currents July 2021

Avallon Experiential

• Tbird emotes

• Avallon Burgundy France

• understanding Annunaki bloodlines

• Memories not channelled information

• Accessing Memories through feeling

• redefining terminology including sisterhood

• del Acqs and the duLacs

• Sangreal / Royal Blood of the Mere Draconias Tree

TBIRD Borrowed Power Commitment

• what is TBird up to?

• Goddess Lite Cut and Paste

• Channeled is not the shiz

• the brain can be tainted, Essence can’t

• experience over information

Generation more

• Social media

• brain / emotional reaction / eliciting response

• disposable

• overprivilged unerparented entitled generation

• feeling as opposed to an emotional reaction

• overstimulated

Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the Lions Gate Portal

• Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the portal associated with it

• plans for the portal and the closed dreaming

• Essence, Clones, DNA clones and walk-ins

• Spells kill shots and consequences for meeting lineage

• commitment to self, the reality of it

• what am I giving my power to – you or all the BS outside


• Claiming Self the journey of Tbird

• projecting self instead of claiming / embodiment

• the power of claiming

• claiming it and commitment go hand in hand

• ‘its not what I thought its yet everything I wanted’

• the extraordinary in the ordinary

• the work is the resistance

• outside help always has a price

DRAGON the original spell Depotentised words

• Dragon and the lifting of the original spell

• the separated lifeforce and consciousness are reunited and the compartmentalisation of the consciousness lifted so full access to the memories / gifts / talents of all incarnations

• Cloning Life Force and DNA

• MU has broken Her original spell and is back ‘online’

• Lineage aligned with MU will assist in the new closed dreaming

• I give great transmission!

• Daughters of RA – the time is NOW

• TBird and her revelations on sisterhood from the Avallon experiential

• what is the embodiment that is being expressed rather than the name of it

• what were the original witches / shaman / healers of Britton called?

• depotentised words

Sonic and the potency of the Hyoid bone

RAMUtet and building the Immune system from within


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