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Claim Embody Radiate Cosmic Currents Spring 2020

When many people have a consciousness uploaddownloadreload, the realise that Source is within them


So why do they cling to ‘separation from Source’ ?

why do they cling to that old chestnut like somehow their connection is severed?

When describing Essence – let me expand and include the definition from my book, Galactic Memoirs Volume 1:

''Source decides to experience itself so it projects a piece of itself into reality – that beam of Light (information) continues to radiate from Source and accumulate experience – this is Essence – YOU ALL THE WAY BACK TO SOURCE"

The connection is and has always been there - the problem is the original spell separating life force and compartmentalising consciousness – THAT is what needs to be cognized and liberated

When I activate ‘the dragon’ initiation it heals the original spell

FOR ALL BODIES, ALL DIMENSIONS IN ALL POINTS OF TIME and the act of riding continues to repair and regenerate to wholeness

☥ restoring sovereignty (clearing all the spells, inversions, contracts etc)

☥ liberation (clearing all seals, sigils and runes)

☥ reclaiming your creative power

(learning to embody this juju and be effective in the reality)

• closing timelines and time-tracks

best be damn sure you are done – you cant close the timeline and then send them an email two weeks later saying hi

the attractor factor

don’t pull it to you – you are magnetising it from a place of want and need and it comes but where the holes are, the wrong juju gets in

find the frequency of the desire you want

– radiate it and let that be the beacon of like that attracts like

calling in a deity for ‘help’ or to use their juju – no such thing as a free lunch

• Consciousness is where the real battle is fought and won – 5G is just another frequency

– hack it and let your OWN juju ride and rewrite

Go to for all the ways to experience Essence and embody all you are

the VLOG video that accompanies this




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