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2020 Definitions, updates and offerings

I am very exacting in language. It’s the only tool of communication we have until our INNER NET kicks in

I notice a few of the words I use being employed in communication online, so Id like to give you clarity on the definitions I have when I use those words.

These words have been curated over years of experience wisdom defining and transmitting precisely the desired meaning and application, I invite you to read them and see how they resonate for you

ESSENCE: I use this describing YOU all the way back to Source

All your incarnations, experiences wisdom gained both in and out of the Construct

Think of Essence as the filing cabinet and each Dimension of Self (dreaming) as a file and you can have more than one file open and active at once.


The Primary Dreamer is able to dream, power and sustain a reality.

A primary dreamer of MU can create and dream more than one reality simultaneously; we call these Dimensions of Dreaming and the Self-experiencing it, a Dimension of Self (passed off in the Matrix as ‘past lives’ ‘timelines’ ‘reincarnation’)

(The Matrix is the mindset of the Construct.

The Construct is the structure that holds the Matrix)

All the Dimensions of Self can be accessed through Essence (you, all the way back to Source) as you embody Essence; you have access to the gifts, talents, knowledge and experience wisdom of each and all of these Dimensions of Self and their Dreaming

You can also liberate these expressions of Self of co-opts, imbalance, dysfunctional relationship dynamics, mirror inversion spells

any and all fuckery that you are experiencing in that dreaming, is effecting you in the here and now


Essence or Soul Lineage: is the Experience of you all the way back to Source. All your incarnations, all your expressions, experience wisdom, all the ‘lives’ in or out of the Matrix.

Lineage Initiation: may be an initiation, training or teaching, into a Collective, because you can reach and maintain a specific mastery of frequency  

Eg: initiated into the Lineage/teachings/frequencies of the Sekhmets

DNA Blood Lineage: the Lineage that your physical expression holds,

the experience wisdom and ancestral karmas, contracts and connections that makes up your blood, DNA, skin hair etc

IF you want to have an authentic experience of these things – I am available for sessions both online and in person in the Byron Bay hinterland  (we have a retreat facility here – you can stay over night and included in the package is a session

If you want to embody Essence, liberate your memories, reclaiming your wisdom, sovereignty and creative power then there are other offerings available; either through

If you REALLY want to rock your world, then commit to Consciousness Warrior Training

4 modules all killer no filler of original and unique teachings each module is offered as a retreat experience and builds on the next

This is not for 'weekend warriors' It is for someone who is committed to Self, ready to take responsibility for their experience of reality

And embody the opening seed of their infinite potential.

The Dragon heals the original spell that separates Life Force and compartmentalises consciousness

the following is how the rest of the modules fit together:

There is an illness  / directive / fuckery released in to the Construct

the Seer: identifies it / the virus / the program / the fuckery

the Healer; eradicates it

(From all dimensions of Self and Dreaming)

the Warrior: reverse engineers and reprograms it

(and can confer the updated codes to Lineage)

IF any of this peaks your curiosity

join my mailing list on either or

and you will get a free PDF of the Mythos of MU all about our origins as I remember it

or you can purchase Galactic Memoirs about how the reality came to be what it is, the players etc




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