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altering consciousness: sex drugs rock and roll

Albert Einstein tongue out psychedelic t-shirt by Andrei Verner

From Galactic Memoirs 2...

Another prevalent tool of this reality when it comes to harnessing, harvesting control and domination is the use of ‘drugs’

Everything taken into the physical expression effects consciousness, from the content of the air you breath, the food you eat and the energy you are immersed in – it all creates the conditions of experience of the inner and out world.

People use food to feel good, change their mood, ground or stimulate them. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, the ‘carb coma’ will stop you in your tracks as different spices and foodstuffs will act as an aphrodisiac or relaxant.

People take substances to enhance their consciousness or open their perception and experience into another realm or reality hidden within but set apart from the dictated construct

Each frequency will open you into a different dimension of expression.

Ayahausca, the South American Vine made popular by the Annunaki shills to an awakening collective eager to learn and grow through plant medicine. After a violent purging, the consciousness opens directly to the Astral plane, a realm of thought forms and disembodied ‘spirits’ all looking to experience through a life force connection.

Many participants come back with the Enki / Enlil creation story, delusions of grandeur and distorted information, their imminent awakening now harnessed and corralled into the hidden hands’ Machiavellian agenda. Many keep the connection because they do not purge the spirit of the vine properly and so continue to be informed by, influenced and empower this deceptive dimension long after the ‘ceremony’ has concluded.

Mushrooms will take you into the organic world of the Elemental Realm.

Peyote is more a journey into the Self rather than ‘outside’ the Self to a particular realm or reality.

DMT will shoot you through the Astral and out of the Construct – that’s why it so intense, you literally break through the illusion of fear without pause or introspection, the force of it propelling you to the unencumbered experience of pure consciousness.

Cannabis will keep you in this reality but your connection to the Construct will be slightly ajar. It gives you a time out from the Mobius Strip, the continuous backdrop of the simulated reality to help you break free from conditioning and programing and have an individual experience of your consciousness.

Narcotics of the manufactured variety, powders and pills each have altering frequencies that effect the mind body and spirit too.

In my experience most of these drugs carry codes and scripts that open the user to an ‘entity’ or thought form that has its own conditions of use.

Speed and ICE, are part of the same expression, as downers and benzoates are part of another. Something is always using the energy, something is always being fed and perpetuated.

Condoned or prescribed medications also have a presence to which the life force of the participant is adhered to.

In observing blood pressure medication, I have seen it lower the clinical measurements and statistics, however they exacerbate the original condition, so the reliance for its continued use ensured. What is more effective, sustainable and definitive is treating the cause of the increased pressure, rather than using the coping mechanism of medication.

Yes in acute cases its needed to stabilise and treat, however when it then becomes chronic, and no upgrades in life style or consciousness have been undertaken, then its really an addictive bandaid that in the end will drain the life force not support it, perpetuating the participation in the entropy and atrophy inbuilt within the Construct.

Picture Credit: Albert Einstein tongue out psychedelic t-shirt by Andrei Verner

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