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Character trait v’s Blindspot or ‘Shadow’

Cosmic Currents July Link

Blindspots and ‘shadows’ can be addressed – character traits are ingrained and not so easy to mask or hide once unleashed.

I often refer to the process of the Dragon as the Great Revealer

The energy of the ‘Dragon’ igniting is like your LifeForce intensified x 1,000.

As it moves in through and around you opening the way for complete access to all your experience wisdom and latent ‘abilities’, it also reveals what is holding you back from full embodiment / integrity

Let me expand on this concept… VLOG LINK

A blindspot or shadow is a behaviour or paradigm you have that has been shaped by spells, dysfunctional dynamics, mental, physical and emotional defences / coping mechanisms - Its something that when recognised, can be addressed and eradicated, the road to embodiment continues unhindered and trust in oneself and Essence gains momentum.

An example of a blindspot or shadow behaviour / paradigm could be not listening to someone talk and formulating your answer before the exchange is complete; not valuing your Self in relationship dynamics; lack of commitment to Self; victim mentality; overly responsible/ guilt blame shame for people places situations; …

Your blindspot, although affecting others peripherally, is mainly centred around keeping you confused, disempowered and distracted, feeling powerless and ineffectual in your reality and the discovery, understanding and shedding of it, all part of the joy of Mastery.

A character trait is subtle but sticks out like the proverbial dogs anatomy.

For example, an inbuilt arrogance that is often uncovered with the initial bursts of power accompanying the first flushes of Dragon activation.

Although its your power you are feeling, its facilitated by me holding the energy and connection necessary to facilitate it, until you can step into the embodiment required for you to self generate and potentise it, a taste of your potential.

To someone in integrity, that power invokes a humility and honouring of all the organic LifeForce you are connecting with, your Essence, the Essence of MU, RA and all those in the weft and weave of the Reality. A natural respect and appreciation for all that is. It builds exponentially and rewards with greater embodiment of Essence and the power that brings.

Sovereignty is part of this training, I don’t give you a dogma of how to act, I expect the integrity of your Essence connection to guide you with honour and respect and our own symphony of symbiosis begins as we create a world together of unlimited pro-life creative potential.

Its’ surprising how so many cannot handle such freedom, despite the big talk they talk.

They are all about ‘I’m Sovereign’ yet given the opportunity to act from their truth without enforced rules and expectations, they act through the self delusion of their inflated Ego with behaviours of narcissism, elitism, disrespect and dishonouring, believing they have and know it all after a brief assisted taste of their own potential, which by now is beginning to elude them as the required humility and integrity to embody that potential is non existent, a distant pretence.

When you feel into their Essence, you can ‘see’ this repeated in dreaming after dreaming, in their Essence lineage as part of their character, a trait exhibited in every expression of Self.

Is this redeemable?

Is it a character trait imbedded in the incarnations of this Anthropos template as an indelible mark upon Essence?

Its definitely a failsafe, in that true self generated and sustained power will remain an elusive concept if not approached with honour, humility and respect. But is it an insurmountable hurdle on the path of Mastery or an inbuilt sorting system keeping those with psychotic tendencies and ill intent away from any real potency?

Remember the Dragon Is a process of embodiment, not a momentary flash of peak experience instigated by an outside source to reveal to you your potential – if you want to be able to create and sustain it on your own terms, heed this warning….


Additionally, is the phase lock experienced with MU permanent?

It appears that as these dimensions of dreaming collapse and the dreaming Selves return to Essence, if this dimension of Self is connected and embodying Essence then the phase lock continues and is reinforced

– if this Self is out of integrity, then some work may be needed to lock and load in the here and now

– no drama, remember how great it was the first time around…

VLOG LINK: Cosmic Currents July: MU & PhaseLock • Power • Sirius Rising

• Identifying and ‘calling on MU – calling is an outside thing and part of the construct

• You don’t call on MU you feel Her

• MU and the phase-lockFall in love with MU to phase-lock - give a little get a little - symbiosis is a shared experience met in equality and integrity – think of Her as a beloved, I mean I’m embarrassed I even have to suggest it – if you want to be in symbiosis with someone/thing you cant just take Her ecstasy

• Power cannot be engaged without embodiment and the integrity that it brings (refer this post)

• Portal Season and the Heliacal Rising of Sirius

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