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Authentic vs Mimetic Desire

Desire (Upright)

What desires are yours and what has been shaped and fostered to a social agenda designed to harness and harvest your creative potential and imagination.

Mimetic is the Greek word for imitation.

Are your desires from your Essence, from the integrity of your authentic Self, or are they cut and paste imitations imprinted by the tenets of a force fed false construct?

Desire is not want or need. Wants or needs come from a lack of, a need to acquire, usually based on survival and sustenance.

Desire is purely from the imaginarium, a place of pristine creative ju ju, uninfluenced or imprinted by any mental construct. It begins as a stirring, a feeling deep within, activated when you involute to the very centre of your consciousness. When you continue to feel into this place and feed it consciousness and energy, you will begin to embody this expression, Essence, you all the way back to Source.

As this expression grows and you let it inform, nourish and guide you, in feeling the bliss of its authenticity and truth, it locks and loads a sense of alignment and correctness in which an opening for manifestation allied with integrity and sovereignty occurs.

Because the materialization emanates from the fullness of Essence and its organic nature, it is always bigger and better than anything you could have ever imagined using the limited mental constructs of the Matrix tenets and dogma. Its correlation with your direct creative potential ensures it will be a symphony of coincidences and synchronicities that inspires gratitude and humility, reigniting a sense of the mystical, effortlessly connecting you with the right people places and situations to nurture and support your desired experience.


The prestige and trappings of success we are told to aspire to and be assessed by in this Collective, are displayed through the accumulation and acquisition of various status symbols and milestones accepted by the general consensus as mandatory.

What if, in living our truth, success and acquisition looked different to the projected -house on the water, wardrobe of Chanel, nuclear family, holiday, earnings, retirement fund, size X body, leisure activities and proclivities etc…

I invite you now to sit in the centred fullness of your Essence and feel the difference between a want and a desire. When you isolate a desire, something that you aspire to and yearn for from the depths of your being, your reaction will determine its authenticity.

If you emotionally react and immediately inject tangents of thought and supposition using images and instruct from the limited mind, you are out of your centre and misusing the language of feeling, interpreting and creating the experience based on mental concepts and paradigms, not the bliss and feeling of authenticity that aligns with embodying the integrity of Essence and the origins of uncorrupted inception of desire.

If you find your feelings of desire are liberation, sovereignty and the redemption of your creative potential, then begin to go within until you feel the centre of your consciousness. From this place feed the Fire fueling the centre of Self with the feelings of bliss and knowing, a trust that this feeling is the language from Essence that will derive the manifestation of your truth. Feed the frequency with that bliss and it will become a tactile tangible manifestation of the experience your Essence desires. Unique, original and inspired; a perfect fit that you could not foresee, predict or imagine through the smallness and limitation of imposed mental paradigms, aspirations and ambition.

It may not look like a magazine cover or a romcom/sitcom that is an imprinted dictate engineered by agenda and purposeful programing of the co-opted Matrix, but it will feel real, satisfying, empowering and self-sustaining - building momentum into the next wisdom experience your Essence ignites through desire.

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