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Cosmic Currents NOW: the Halls of Amenti, organic FOL, the InnerNet and Healing101

Image found on egyptomanian.tumblr

Halls of Amenti

Halls of Amenti can be accessed through/underneath the Pyramid complexIt is part of the inserted hologram that acts as major reality hub, where there are portals of entry from within the inorganic Solar System construct and the Astral realms

Also houses the interfaces where organics are harnessed and merged with the invading inorganic Annunaki and other Beings the Archons can piggy back on, holding and powering MerKaBa’s controlling and directing various realities

• MU is UPRIGHT and in charge, pop the champagne

• How to potentize your healing and get REAL results

• is that so is the new indeed

• engage embody reset

• Empaths coming online, some timely advice

• the construct ‘talks’ to you

• organics communicate differently

• feelings and emotions

• manipulation outside can simulate emotional response and action in you and for you

• A11 seem to be seeing through the smokescreen

• the saviour meme lives on

• how to discern energy around you


• now MU is engaged, the iron core dissipates

• Queens Conclave coming to a live Zoom SOON

• What do the Halls mean for you – take and adventure in consciousness • the interface revealed • Housing your Akashic and DNA signature • Halls of Egypt pertain to the Egyptian complex • major interface for the harnessing of the organic • pulling your life force from mental realms

• emotional charge locks it in • break through the dogma of limitation • no rules - when you are in integrity – a paradox

• pontification can intellectualise and forget transmission • once you have had real organic, there is no going back

Flower of Life on the Organic (no)timeline v's Matrix FOL

The one on the left is how the FOL frequency feels on the organic (no)timeline, the one on the right feels like the FOL in the Matrix

The one on the left is infinite, less compromised and connects to a vaster realm of possibility – add a golden mean spiral (the algorithms and logarithms of infinity no beginning and no end) and it becomes a bigger experience in healing – some may think I’ve inhaled to much of the good shit, but have the experience for your Self

• more halls of Amenti • drop the fantasy, it’s a prison • writing from experience wisdom – transmission and potency

• faux sovereignty and authority • organic Flower of Life v’s the Matrix • Gaia, Sophia, mother earth constructs

• outside suddenly has the answers, what happened to within? • searching ‘outside’? the search is within • the rise of LeMURA

• our reality created by us or ‘the universe’ • cultivate your skills, if AI can do it, so can consciousness • neutral is non reaction not inertia

• we are one – legion – loose that no-age dogma

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