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Exit Strategies...


If it’s antediluvian, it seems to wear the tag ‘Atlantis’.

I posture that antediluvian is actually pre- consciousness invasion.

The Earth then was occupied by Original Creator Beings (Anthropos11) and through manipulation and betrayal, we have been infiltrated and harnessed, to harvest our energy and creative power.

The betrayal?

The Annunaki who infiltrated our dreaming under the guise of ‘distant cousin’ Anthropos10, and entered as a Trojan Horse, hidden deep in their core – a symbiosis and alliance with the inorganic anomaly of the Archons and their Transhuman agenda…

They used destructive weaponry to tilt the axis, disconnecting the planets’ Essence from the Galactic Centre, her full radiant Self, sending Her and those in symbiotic relationship with Her into shock, while they installed various technology to control and dominate the organic life expression.

The ruins that we are constantly shown revealing underwater magnificent coastal cities that were displaced and washed away when this invasion began in earnest…


There must be an endpoint, a moment in 'time' when we unsubscribe from this frequency of Reality.

See sense and feel all the ways you are entangled with the Matrix construct and begin to disentangle, disengage and disintegrate its presence in your life.

The moment for an exit strategy has arrived.

Our VLOG for this series is hard hitting, its coming down to the wire - do you have what it takes to be self reliant, to find your own way in the world without the input or instruction of the collective?

Are you self generating, able to sustain and support your Self energetically and physically?

Are taking responsibility and claiming Sovereignty for and in every dimension of Self?

Do you have the integrity to live with others in Common Unity?

Mastery is more than peak experiences of exalted states of consciousness, it is also the shadow work that underlies and accompanies all growth, body mind and spirt. The ability to meet the ego in whatever the Essence shows you is out of alignment with your truth in grace and humility liberation beyond all imposed limitation

• creating your belief systems, believing your own publicity

• there must be an endpoint to exit the matrix

• when is enough enough

• when do we hit unsubscribe

• creating a life outside the Matrix – EXIT STRADEGY

• Pablo Diaz rocking liberation

• manipulating your DNA to run realities

• losing the addiction to the Matrix

• there must be a time when we unsubscribe

• no-age golden carrot dangles…

• shadow energy and how to master it

• Whole Health and Numerology

• the assumption that being an ‘organic’ also means they are in integrity

• psychic shock and the 23º degree tilt

• the new ‘skyline’

• change has to be crisis, joy grace and ease please

• how many people does it take to create a reality

• creating community, common unity

• transmission

• Humility hand and hand with growth

• Shadow work necessary No short cuts for the EGO

• information overload = masturbation for the mind

• Disclosure – preparing you for THEIR agenda

• Social Media is social engineering

• real growth needs humility

• expanding on the concept of Ego

• props to Tbird and her commitment to Self

• Two ways of honouring the Sacred

• Graduation Green Pill

• The Blue Garden and the Green Pill

• Yellow aint mellow - Fluro is so very Matrix

• chakras not detected – yet thriving life!

• exploring and anchoring the organic no timeline

• online common unity – learning in the Zoom Room

• AI and its limitation

• The Nature of Reality PDF a summary of the terms we use on

• defining Lineage (again…)

• A round up system for the Annunaki?

• degrees of Sovereignty

• Morgellens

• authenticity and politeness

• no-age bullshit concepts of ‘harmony’ and cooperation

• renouncing P.C

• confrontation and avoidance hiding in PC

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