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Anatomy of a Consciousness Invasion

The puppets may change but the puppeteer stays the same…

They use the same entry level M.O (as in modus operandi) across the Universe, it has been successful for them, why change a winning formula.

Lock down the surface population to enslave their body mind and spirit, and the planet they are in symbiosis with, keeping them distracted and occupied, at unawares of the ‘truth’ around them, the false Reality invading their creation paradigms and get them running the Reality (now reflecting the paradigms of domination and control, unaware yet complicit by their tacit consent

The loops of time…

MU travels through space in a golden mean spiral – infinite, no beginning and no end, eternal and immortal, as do the original RA humanoids who dwell in symbiosis with Her, we refer to it as the ‘Organic Timeline.’ She is upright, in direct alignment and symbiosis with the Galactic Sacred Centre (The Soul Star emanation of RA externalised)

This Organic Timeline (or ironically no-time line, as ’time’ is not a construct of this reality) is authentic and original to MU, internal Source connection, it cannot be faked or duplicated (despite the many attempts) it is devoid of AI and its technology that relies on an external Source connection.

Creation of the Time Matrix and cyclical time

Atlantis or AtLanRA - Inner Technology externalized. It was the best of LaMurRa in terms of consciousness, however the filter or lens of experience was now adjusted, it created a vulnerablity to consciousness invasion.

The original arrest and conquer of the main dimensions of consciousness with MU, happened with what would later be recorded in antediluvian legends and purposely vague whispers as the fall of Atlantis (Atlantis supposedly ‘fell’ three times, or at least was proported to have met its demise thrice)

By creating a shift in her axis, between 23 and 25ª causing Her alignment with the Central Sun to be askew and her consciousness vulnerable to invasion, She was hijacked. A portal created and opened on the organic timeline created cyclical time, the ‘Matrix timeloop’

This loop, they are looking for the populace itself to provide the energy required, through a well planned manipulation and stealth corruption of belief systems harnessing their creative power for their ‘god’ or whoever they are taught they are subservient to OUTSIDE THEMSELVES …

In the epoch of AtLanRA they opened up portals that allowed them to create a loop in the spiral of time, that acts like a Mobius strip, returning back onto itself while continuing with the illusion of progression ‘forward’ in time.

The loops traps the Reality to repeat the last cycle, when it reaches the point where the Light is most penetrable as the density of the cycle falls away, ‘they’ loop us back to the original fall, so we lengthen their time in the Light and lessen our own.

How do they open the portals?

Using MerKaBa technology which they maintain it using the pyramid system (and other AI tech like C E R N, HAARP etc) to install ‘programs’ and memories and to manipulate through DNA frequency resonance, our belief systems, our physical and etheric structure to harvest our Sentience and Source energy.

Negative time in the reverse – when reversing of the frequency takes place, one experiences time as ‘slowed’.

The Linear Organic timeline continues while the hijacked Astral Inorganic timeline plays out the negative time in reverse frequency – doubling the (external) Light ratio to the Internal

The reverse frequency Astral Matrix slows down the experience of time and the linear organic experience is more now and instantaneous. (Hence the timelag in the creation experience in the Matrix)

Organic timeline has 2/3 Light frequencies, 1/3 Internal Source Frequencies

Light, as used here is information externalised (think information like the rays of the Sun have Light upon them, they feed us information as well as nourishment and the RA codes).

The 1/3 source frequencies mean that the source of nourishment and information comes from within, an internalized direct connection to Source - this is why ‘they’ can’t do organic, they have no direct source connection

They split the organic timeline and harness the 2/3 Light Frequencies so that they only experience elated Light Frequencies (the Astral Matrix Inorganic timeline) pure information, which can be manipulated due to the nature of being external.

Having more ‘Light’ means its more ‘information’ driven - so they hijack and pump up the Light frequencies with information to corrupt and harness the belief systems.

By harnessing and manipulating the frequencies through AI technology (external MerKaBa Matrix, the Pyramid System, CERN, HAARP, Black Magic DNA Resonance) and through the sentience of MU and her inhabitants they can create the Reality that serves them and their experience.

Internal Source Frequencies cannot be manipulated the same way, so they become a target for harvesting the energy directly from the physical (for example the ‘black boxes’ on the spine and other key harvesting areas)


Birth Death ReBirth and amnesia? Sounds like the perfect system for enslavement.

You live a life, you ‘die’ and forget and you do it all over again?

This is how they capture, compartmentalise and enslave the sentient populace

Reincarnation – Recycling is a better term, can reinforce the programming with repeated ‘lessons’ and ‘karmas’. It can justify the programming for repentance, guilt and subservience, and just why you are dealt such a shitty hand.

It’s also a great one to reinforce the dogma of religion, domination and control, and no one goes anywhere, you have to ‘ascend’ to get out of here. Which of course they have tied up with string from the concept to the false Light event – the only ‘ascension’ you will be doing is within their Matrix system, to run another version of their reality…

Waking up – with discernment

Smart people…dumb moves

Un learning what me know - focusing on truth not holding onto dogma

Leave Matrix concepts where they belong and open to the authentic expression of Essence and the organic timeline

Ego retards the pursuit of truth

Our Internal experience became externalised and we became vulnerable to consciousness invasion and trapped in the matrix time loop

The definitions begin…

Essence, MU, Dimensions of Self, the Original from the Organic timeline

Siri Speaks

How long has this consciousness invasion actually been here?

Newearth utube channel

How easily history can be changed - a personal account

Leaving the Matrix behind

Abundance – don’t look to the Matrix to provide it

Trying vs doing

4D commerce – the exchange is equal

back to definitions: RA and how we work with this

the SUN: MU’s Soul Star externalised

MU’s pineal corrupted and projected through the Moon

The Cult of the Moon

Belief systems and programs in every part of life

Organic and Inorganic

Multidimensional and how that has been co-opted

Detaching and integrating liberated and sovereign thinking

Lineage defined…

Ascension – another cult in the Matrix timeloop

Phase Lock lock and loading symbiosis with MU

Consciousness determines the level of interpretation

Defining the Matrix as a buzzword

Hikacked DNA running Matrix agendas

Stop dumping your shit on MU – what to do with the energy you are liberating

Golden Mean Spiral Organic Infinite emanating from Essence

Spiraling out Geometries and co-opts in the etheric anatomy

Spiralling it out of the field

How subtle the co-opts can be

We are not out yet…

Floating Cities – AI fuckery distraction

How long has this consciousness invasion REALLY been going on…

Authentic Light decoding through MU

Becoming a virus in the Matrix programming

Corpus Collosum no more

Unlearning what the Matrix has told us

Experience wisdom gives hindsight into consciousness

– as your consciousness is liberated so is your limited understanding

Defining the synthetic reality

Matrix as the coding or fabric of the ‘reality’

Creating from Essence not old co-opted paradigms

Failsafe: question everything and FEEL your truth

As the Matrix peels back and the consciousness invasion receedes…

Time is matrix programming Gregorian dates are part of it

Upping the ante – everyone is playing for keeps

Pineal decodes and distributes LIGHT

Pituitary colour frequencies

Hypothalamus: Sound and vibration

Fuckery up the ying yang

Pulling DNA from the Borg Self

Dimesnions of self in a nutshell…

Glands are the new black

Pineal as a stargate - the Pineal as we work with it reads the Light with the decoding of MU

Post CO-opting: decoding the colour frequencies of the organic and inorganic and sound

consciousness warrior training

TBird adds her pituitary experience

Dimensions of Self

Clearing the co-opts from ALL dimensions of Self – not all imbalance originates from this Self

How reincarnation is part of the Matrix timeloop

The ‘borg’ or transhuman self – pulling your lifeforce from co-opted and stolen DNA

Converting the ‘mothership’ AI’s dream

Don’t dump on MU – clean up after your Self

Taking back your power in the neutral

Dimensions of Self expanded...

Clearing the co-opts from ALL dimensions of Self – not all imbalance originates from this Self

How reincarnation is part of the Matrix timeloop

The ‘borg’ or transhuman self – pulling your lifeforce from co-opted and stolen DNA

Converting the ‘mothership’ AI’s dream

Don’t dump on MU – clean up after your Self

Taking back your power in the neutral

Solar Flares: Symbiosis with MU

The Sun: Mu’s Soul Star externalised

The Anatomy of a Consciousness Invasion

Recognising and remembering the Co-opt

Connecting with and strengthening the Organic timeline

Matrix or the Organic timeline – make a choice

Dimensions of Self removing their co-opt, their addiction to the matrix reality

Trusting self and allowing the experience

Solar Flares – MU’s Soul Star firing and igniting us through our symbiosis

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