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Cosmic Currents

Adding a new set of videos to our VLOG beginning with discussion of The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium CLICK HERE to access a download

We talk about what's happening within the Cosmic Currents of the NOW and the exposure and unveiling of the TRUTH that is exponential within the Self and the Reality - its all stepping up an intensity

We also follow up with musings inspired by the Round Table on the CCN Network - we love those chicks on the round table - Dani, Lisa and Lily Earth - shout out, loving your work, thanks for your dedication to the Truth, which for us has stimulated the recognition and understanding of the co-opting of our Organic Original Optimum Functioning Blue Print and subsequently inspiring us to share how we ourselves are finding our way through it

These are potent and timely if you are into Sovereignty and mastering this Matrix consciousnes invaision.

CLICK HERE for the full playlist - all killer no filler

its uncompromising and it will get your discernment filters into high gear - enjoy the ride, see you in the dreaming xx

Defining AI

Soap Opera Time

Neutral is the best defence

Ecstatic Birth

Joy from the Soul vs False Light High

CCN Network - One Peoples Round Table ( late July / and early August)

Morgellons and Wave X

Your own experience of the Reality

Defying Doubt – recognise the programming

The symbiosis with Mother Mu as her core comes alive, so does yours

We love Lily Earth x

Your Truth v’s Matrix Truth

Golden Mean Spiral v’s Fibonnaci

Activating the Golden Mean paradigm

Co-opting MerKaBa technology – the Star Tetrahedron

Learning to drive the Car …

Consciousness Warriors emerge

The Flower of Life

Reverse Engineering is the new black

Authentic Experience

RA misrepresented

‘Merkabah’ ‘Sovereignty‘

Straight Lines - Binding the Infinite

The Body Template - Infinity bound within the equations of the Fibonnaci

The trans-human agenda

Connecting with Mother Mu – Breath of Life

Benefits of having a MerKaBa – being in this world but not of it

Implanting ‘proof’ into the Reality

Soul Star flares – hot hot hot

Removing the chakra system and birth contract renewal…

Staying diligent

Returning to the Original Optimal Functioning Blueprint – before the consciousness invasion

Opening the DNA

Ecstatic Birth

One People Round Table 17th August

Prophecy and Readings

Transmuting False Light within

Wave X Black Goo and NanoBots

September a false flag?

Co-create v’s Merging

Your Relationship with MU the concept becomes experience wisdom

Symbiosis with Gaia/Earth/Mu

Black Goo in the Etheric

Golden Mean Spiral, FOL Optimum Functioning BluePrint

The time is NOW First Strike

Activating the Golden Mean within the Spheres

Sacred Geometry in action

23º tilt of the planet

Recycling Prophecy

You are a participant

Wave X - hijacking the DNA

What will freedom look like?

(Merkaba Tech)

Dream state Programing

AI: Forgiveness implies consent

Milky Substance : the AI Interface in the Etheric

Redefining the concept of Sacred Neutral

Marduk, Reptoids Archons, AI who else? Who’s really running the show

Symposium worth the download

MerKaBa tech is imported, not organic

Igniting the Original BluePrint

In this world but not of it

Personal Healing Planetary Healing

Spinning Fields vs the Spiral

Restoring the Light (information) codes

Taking control of your experience in the ‘Soup’

23º tilt: MU’s in charge…

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