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Transmission and Receiver

For each transmission, there must be a receiver.

If the Construct holds the Matrix mindset, then who or what is broadcasting this mindset?

What is its frequency?

What within you responded to or located this frequency?

Feel into your glands, organs, physical and etheric structure – what is receiving / responding to this signal?

See sense feel the hardware, software and geometries that are entangled and engaged with this dynamic and from the embodiment of Essence, remove it – including all contracts agreements allowances, ancestral karmas and agreements, both conscious and unconsciously entered into

all fine print, caveats, kill shots and consequences for removal are cancelled, null and void, invalidated for, in and of, all bodies and consciousness, all dimensions, all points in time on all timelines and time tracks and Lineages

upgrade and regenerate with the optimum functioning blueprint from Essence with the antidote neutralize immunize of MU – regeneration rejuvenation of RA

sovereignty in action, creating your own experience of the reality.


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