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Pineal, Calcification and Geometry

The Pineal is a gland that reads Light – a capitol L, describing Light that is encoded with ‘information’

This informs your consciousness of the reality it is reading – any geometry holds programs, and so if the Pineal is decoding information that is influenced, filtered through or overlaid with a geometry, that geometry will effect your read of the reality and consequently your experience of it

I wouldn’t be worrying about decalcifying (the current distraction in the zeitgeist) – I’d worry about what is influencing its function, what has been inserted or overlaid to change / effect the lens I’m looking through and determining my read of the reality

Along with Essence connection, this is the other thing I always do in a session, liberate the Pineal, in as many dimensions of Self you can connect with and embody, decommissioning any consequences or killshots for the liberation on the way

Liberating your Pineal, gives you access to a clear read on what is going on; embodying Essence (you all the way back to Source, all your incarnations and experiences, gifts talents and wisdom) will reconnect you with your intuition through the language of feeling – uniting both you can make informed decisions and be potent in effecting the realities you choose to energise and interact with

Ankh em MAAT



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