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I of RA invites you to Celebrate the Season of the Lion

• traditional time of Sirius Rising

• Lions Gate Portal

• Sun entering the Constellation of Leo

Circle sits:


July 24th 2022

Experience Essence

connect with and engage Essence

(Essence is you, your consciousness all the way back to Source)

this gives you access to all your consciousness has experienced,

all the incarnations, expressions and realties it has created in;

all gifts talents and experience wisdom it has accumulated -

embodying this gives it expression and influence in this physical realm

Reclaim your Fire

If you don’t claim and tame your Fire, it will manifest as the unclaimed,

the ‘shadow’ in your experience of the reality

Someone or something will use it instead

Unclaimed Fire can reflect as chaos, the unpredictable, the uninvited

Untamed Fire ignites and fuels emotional reaction,

locking you into the people places and situations you are reacting to.

Unclaimed Fire in mental realm will leave your mind reactive,

in the physical realm, drained;

emotionally it will manifest as impotent rage;

spiritually in entrapments and entanglements to ensnare and engage you, keeping you locked into an imposed dynamic that is not Essence aligned.


Experiential concludes with a delicious plantbased Lunch

Email: or Text 0412400085 to book / enquire


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