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Crystal Collaborations

rose quartz cut by Jon Veranese Ptah Rocks

we then worked with the astrology chart of the Divine Mother Temple and the dynamic of geometry experienced when the Temple Holder stepped into the 3D sigil of the chart.

working within the structure, (etheric, physical and online) to clear it of any MAAT that is previously associated with it, to set frequencies that obscure and seal it from invasive forces (anything not sovereign and NOT in integrity) any spells, fuckery or entanglements so that all who enter it do so free of any previous agreements contracts allowances and obligations to lineage, handlers and parasitic influence through all points in time

and bringing in a deva from the Temple Holder’s lineage to anchor and radiate the new upgraded optional functioning blueprint.

Crystal Collaborations with Ptah Rocks and I of RA

if you have something you create in the world (business, event, person, place, situation) and you want it to be sovereign, liberated of any fuckery; claiming and radiating its creative power and potential, this may rock your world.

Jon will cut a crystal to hold the juju and we will consecrate and dedicate it with you briniging in a deva aligned with your lineage to inhabit it - at any time you can terminate the juju, the idea is to initialise and instigate the blueprint / energy and once fortified, you can take it over or continue the association.

ankh em MAAT


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