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Cosmic Currents Autumn 2021 • Commitment to Self • Forum • Handlers

Cosmic Currents Autumnal theme: Commitment to Self

I was a bit shocked when I checked in with my commitment to Self - it must be100% ride or die, nothing else is acceptable.

If you are not 100% committed to your Self, the job, the project the relationship etc, you will get the same in return (and wonder why something never takes off / works / satisfies)

The FORUM: the call has gone out for 12 peeps to join me in the forum RETURN to AVALLON

Joining this closed dreaming will give you access to the Forum for disscussion and dissertations, a monthly DARK MOON ONLINE experiential and a PDF of Galactic Memoirs

If this feels like its calling you, then get in touch!

Handlers - we have several videos and writings on this already, however the topic seems pertinent to the now so here it is:

The Handler keeps you in reaction

Flags include:

Gaslighting: the person makes you question yourself


the Carrot


Stability / Instability

sense of obligation / duty / inevitability / ‘fated’

A handler can be a lover, friend, family – person / place / situation

you can be your own handler! YOUR EGO IS YOUR HANDLER

because if you stay in the victim of being handled, you will never attain mastery - mastery is all about CLAIMING, and that claiming is your power / sovereignty / innate knowing and then in embodying that, all that shit falls away

its something you can control / do because its you about you - the ultimate in responsibility which of course makes it the most powerful thing you can do for yourself - back to Commitment to Self

Go to and put ‘handlers’ into the search and you will see other essays and videos with information and experience wisdom on this subject

Ankh em MAAT




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