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the Sekhmet: Justice without Judgement

In modern interpretation of Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet has been portrayed as the purveyor of ‘Righteous Anger”

Anger is an emotional reaction to feeling powerlessness

The Sekhmet are anything but powerless…

If you feel into anger, it occurs as an emotional reaction when something happens that you had no power in creating or resisting.

Righteous or not, the dynamic of reaction locks you into the situation and feeds it - all forms of fuckery ensue

Reclaiming that power, authority, control or influence, deflates not just the anger but the potency of the situation, returning to the non reactive state can then connect with the integrity of the neutral where the real juju lies.

MAAT is the power of Sekhmet

MAAT is neutral and non reactive - it restores balance through the law of return

Justice without Judgement

MAAT is not ‘karma’

Karma is a concept of and confined to the Construct

MAAT corrects through all dimensions and includes all the players, not just the immediate / obvious in this dimension.

Engaging MAAT has a satisfaction of knowing the repercussions will reach the right people places and situations in the most appropriate way possible, in ways your mind just couldn’t imagine or project.

Ankh em Maat!


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