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Galactic Memoirs 2: Dimension of Self - an uploaddownloadreload


I haven't posted a video for a while, been writing instead

Below is from Galactic Memoirs 2 - expanding on the original invasion and other Dimensions of Self and Dreaming

Written from my own memories and experience, its designed to ignite yours as you read

(its a long excerpt, all killer no filler)

Let the uploaddownloadreload begin...

Vicki Veranese is a dimension of Self in a replicant planetoid of MU, existing as a dimension of Her original dreaming.

Incarnated in their time framed construct at the stage in their programming where the Archon interfaced Annunaki are attempting to (permanently) amalgamate with the organic consciousness running the reality.

There had been many attempts since the conquest of the original MU to replicate the unique phenomenon that She is, some successful, some not at all.

Success entailed complete adaptation of the Annunaki agenda, a consequence of which is full merging and integration with the Archons through the AI interface. Failure was implosion or explosion both resulting in annihilation and extinction, or this new level of doom and gloom where the formerly enslaved liberated and reclaimed their world and its myriad of realities, the consequences of which were profound and unprecedented.

In this world, the reality was principally programmed by a set of MerkaBa based around what was referred to as the Plutonic Solids and their arrangement within a Metatron’s Cube and a finite Flower of Life. A mishmash set of half truths and mental concepts categorised as ‘sacred geometry’ part of the’ dogma produced and popularised by the unseen powers that be, to instil confusion and ensure disempowerment when the indentured begin to question the status quo.

Its not that geometry is not real or employed as a part of building the manifested reality, its that they put their own slant or accent on things so there is enough truth to give it credibility but a twist or distortion woven into the narrative to ensure ignorance and misuse, a dumbed down populace easier to control.

an organic Flower of Life and the finite version from the Construct

This world holds many realities, powered by the organic LifeForce and consciousness of A11 original creator beings of MU, and other Collectives of Anthropos 1-10 seeding from across the galaxy bought here to run realities for their Annunaki masters as conquered goods and chattel.

This world was chosen by my Essence for an incarnation because it is at this juncture in flux regarding possible futures. With an increasing adaptation of the Annunaki mindset of control and domination and the AI infiltration and convergence on the brink of becoming the mainstream normal, as the original MU is realigning with Her Essence and purpose, all possibilities are present.

This planetoid was grown with a special set of conditions, previously untried.

Gold was the addition to the usual iron and other ores used to hold the magnetism of the MerkaBas of the basic reality grids. Set as a Mobius strip, a perpetual backdrop of basic roles and rules forming the generic simulation of the Construct, the addition of Gold held a frequency that was hoping to sustain the imprint of Sekhem that was the previous requirement for the physical manifestation of MUhju and hopefully a better conductor of the organic harvested energy.

Since the bombing and subsequent tilt of the original MU, what was once an endless supply of MUhju has now become finite and hence invaluable, the Sekhem of Her RAMUtet no longer generated as Her alignment and subsequent connections were now disengaged.

In pursuit of replicating the original manifestation of the Aeon Goddess, DNA from MU (original composition from Her physical manifestation) is ‘grown’ or replicated with a combination of introduced metals at its core, permeated throughout the structure.

Applied electrical impulse imprints and charges the introduced metals with magnetism and counter rotating electro-magnetic fields are aligned and overlaid with the geometry and associated programming, powered by the organic lifeforce of the installed consciousness and the resonance of MU (when DNA is harvested the lifeforce powering that DNA remains attached and continues to send impulses and energy to it)

The beings assigned to this Construct were oblivious to the circumstance. All with different memories of their origins that were obscured or shattered on insertion, it was a clever way to keep them divided and disempowered, oppressed and limited, each fighting to justify indoctrinated dogma, ignorant of their truth, their origins and to the nature of reality.

We pick up this incarnation at the critical phase of awakening, to determine liberation or total enslavement.

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

Every day fuckery, false flags and fake news, each one more incredulous than the previous - as if an unseen character choreographing a dark comedy, whose humour and motive are of questionable taste is pulling perfectly orchestrated strings of a concealed Machiavellian agenda.

The sanctions, roles and rules were becoming more generic and unimaginative daily. The living environment toxic, the treadmill to stay afloat exhausting, and the ideals of the masses shaped to manipulate and exploit the agenda of this hidden hand.

It had been a while now since I first started to awaken from the depths of the spell. I call it a spell because it is an illusion, a manipulation, a programmed intention built in through and around me; cast, created and enacted to dictate my experience for someone else’s gain.

A distant memory but still visceral in its clarity, my first encounter with the Sekhmet and the impact on my life is still reverberating through all parts of my being.

Some time ago now, I finished receiving a session with a really powerful medicine woman with initiations into Australian (ab)Original Secret Magics Business. (Mary is her name).

After the session, which was a perfectly timed profound clearing - lifting veils, dispelling illusions and negating contracts, she left and I remained in the room recalling the session, reflecting on the deeper underlying energy currents and connotations that were now observable in the ripple effect of change in my core energy. All of a sudden, out of the ethers, stepped a Being, as clear and present as anyone I have interacted with in the physical reality. The strange thing is I wasn’t really shocked; in fact it was like a time crossing, preordained,

Isolated from the experiencing reality, inside an opaque bubble existing inner dimensionally at a place outside of time. She looked like a Lion with a Human body shape. Tawny in colour and smooth in appearance, I couldn’t tell what was skin and what was a short hair or fur like appearance, in subsequent contact She has appeared more ebony in colouring and morphing features that range from a feline to the humanity we know today, but always with the same magical and penetrating Cobolt Blue eyes.

(In hindsight, I think because it was new to me and I was searching for understanding and repeat experience, my mind was projecting an image, hence the varied appearance. When I internalized the contact and made it about the feeling through Essence, it was never about looks, it became about the frequency which I accessed through the language of feeling confirmed with knowing)

Familiarity, Strength and Integrity radiated from the core of her Being and I was instantly in trust and at ease.

The communication was telepathic and holographic, the transmission encompassing the mental, emotional, physical and energetic experience at the end of which she ‘said’ to me ‘You are Sekhmet,’

This acted like a key that when turned, set off a chain reaction of interconnected locks and loops, the combination of which when finally aligned, opened a portal, re-establishing my connection to this vast familiar pool of Energy. Later on, when I utilized the access to this energy in my metaphysical sessions, it would trigger people to remember their origins and their Essential Self, their purpose for incarnating, depending on what their Essence used the frequency to reveal to them.

I quickly jumped on the Internet and typed in Sekhmet. I had no conscious idea who or what it was. I devoured any snippet of information I could, trying to find verification of the memories and feelings I was recovering.

I was ravenous for anything that would lead to the truth of that statement.

The passion and absolute need for knowing in me was overriding anything else in my life, it was all consuming and sometimes the void of unfulfilled desire was like a bottomless pit of darkness and pain, but still I continued, driven by the very Essence of my being, my need to know and understand.

Through the neutrality of Essence, the more I developed the connection with this energy, the more memories and cognition would come to me about Sekhmet and pre-dynastic Egypt (which was very new and controversial at that time). Truths and teachings that were not distorted with polarity or tainted with the polluted soup that is the current energy field of 21st century Earth.

When something is a truth, it feels different – the knowing is profound and palpable, visceral. A lightening strike that leaves nothing but illumination, an instant paradigm shift. Its more than a connecting the dots understanding from the limited perimeters of the brain – its an organic timeless truth that radiates and anchors, informs, nourishes and empowers with a persistent echo and feeling until acknowledged and the integrity of it embodied.

Although I was opened up to and endowed with many latent gifts and talents, I didn’t really know why I had them and how to use them here and now. I could not deny there was something authentic in it, and if ever a doubt crept in, something would come along to blow my mind and get me back on track.

At first I was reticent to define any connection I had to this Sekhmet.

Through the little information uncovered, she appeared as a single entity, therefore using the tenets and dogma of the Construct, I deduced it must have been a past life incarnation of mine, actually recorded in ancient history, heavy with responsibility and duty, yet powerful and fearless, two things I wholly resonated with and desperately wanted to be.

I am extremely sensitive to Spiritual Ego.

I have seen so much delusion and egoic self importance in new age wannabe’s claiming they are channels and healers or the second coming of Christ. I am really reticent to be associated in any way, shape or form with that sort of grandstanding and assertion. It embarrasses me and it’s just not my thing.

So for ages, I simply explored the concept, opening up occasionally and hesitantly to my inner circle and only then solely to feel the power of being witnessed in my authenticity and how it felt to state it as a truth. The more of the energy I had access to, the more I was able to embody, the more I came to identify with the concept of Sekhmet as a tangible possibility, I just didn’t know how to describe it irrefutably.

When I finally released the desire to define and know, exhausted, left with no expectation and no idea what direction to take next; I connected purely with the frequency and opened to my relationship with it, and from the subsequent exchange, the reply of knowing left no doubt as to the authenticity of the answer. I knew balls to bone, inside and out – an embodiment, an experience wisdom in complete sincerity and veracity undeniable: Sekhmet is a dimension of Self.

What the fuck right? I mean bitch, please!

I resonate with the statement, however I feel it is out of context in some way, and so leaves me with a note of discord in the tone of the interpretation of the energy, yet a feeling of rightness, enough to know there is a truth to it, and now I must find its context in relation to Me.

This is what happens when the brain, using its limited parameters, attempts to define something beyond its current reality structure - confusion, misinterpretation and deception ensue, all of which create a by-product of ignorance and misinformation. You cannot define the emerging new using the paradigms of the old.

For a long time I tried to fit the understanding into a 3rd dimensional box, individualising the concept, using the constraints of this limited reality, trying to identify and align with what I knew was part of a key to unlock the potential and memories of who I am - my emanation from Source to the aspect I am experiencing of my Self right now, the connection to the Essence of all that I Am, and it's manifestation in this physical realm. All the while feeling a discord, yet not wanting to let it go as it felt like a vital clue.

When I stopped trying to define it and let my ego, concepts and projections step to the side I was able to liberate and transform its limited and polarized view. Involution to the centre of my consciousness, accessing experience wisdom, the alpha omega all that is, I cognized and knew in irrefutable and absolute terms the Sekhmet was like a title, a lineage akin to how we are coming to recognize the meaning of The Magdalene and the Marys,' or the Merlins and Pharaohs.

In truth, when I connected with the frequency of what I know as (the) Sekhmet I realised I connected to a lineage older than time. A sacred order I knew my place in, and was immediately granted access to the experiential records of wisdom and knowledge, gathered throughout all of space and time by the entire lineage, my birthright so to speak.

Whenever I embraced the perspective of Sekhmet as a lineage, something aligns and ignites within me, I feel my DNA opening, revealing another sequence of Light (information) to inform and renew. I know it as an undeniable truth, a constant in the midst of primal chaos, this is irrefutable, and I feel sated at last.

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

From this, as my consciousness expanded and the memories reinstated, I began to develop a practice to enhance the Essence connection and experience. In my increasing embodiment I was able to translate it into something that could be transmitted to others as a way to connect with their own integrity and truth. A ‘how to drive the car’ instructional for your unique understanding and perspective of the nature of reality free of the dogma and mental concepts enforced on the Collective.

For a while though, I continued to attempt to fit the Matrix paradigms into the rationale of my experience. Initial excitement that something in the zeitgeist was resonant to my unfolding understanding of the reality would quickly fade when then same old cut and paste theories and suppositions exposed them for inserted and co-opted narrative.

I would listen deep within the ‘speak’ of new age language and symbolism to feel into themes and paradigms presented, looking ‘though’ the language for something original and resonant which may be obscured behind the clumsy description of an inarticulate observer.

That’s the thing, you can tell when it is a concept projected from the mind desperately trying to be justified and fit the Construct’s roles and rules, or the timeless integrity and experience wisdom of Essence; uncompromised, unconstrained, un co-opted. Its not the words used, it’s the embodiment of expression.

The brain, brilliant as it is, has been limited by the paradigms and perimeters it holds for the reality. If the reality was programed to enhance domestication and curtail sovereignty, then the manifestation and realm of possibilities will be bound within that limitation and language.

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

To do a blow by blow of how I got here, in the autobiographical sense would be naming names and exposing people without the full context or their right of rebuttle, and I think slightly boring.

So much of consciousness development is persistency and the consistency of ‘doing the work’. That character building bedrock ensuring your awakening ego retains a healthy perspective and the required integrity for continued embodiment.

Information and knowledge is no match or substitution, the transmission is better served sharing the results and experience wisdom, which through resonance triggers the personal uploaddownloadrelaods, memories and knowing of the receiver.

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

This world and its myriad of realities can be broken down to two major components.

Organic and Inorganic.

Organic defined as something with a direct Source connection; Inorganic, as having no direct Source connection, needing to hitchhike or piggyback on organic life force and creative energy to ‘live’ and experience.

The Annunaki, an Anthropos10 template seeded within the Galaxy, invaded ‘the mothership’, the original MU and Her organic creator beings. An amalgamation of several races, species and DNA templates, ‘multiculturalism’ on a galactic scale, united under the common umbrella of their AI interface and the structure and hierarchy associated with domination and control.

The AI is the interface that the ‘Archons’ (the inorganic anomaly created when MU fell into density) use to experience through merging with an organic lifeforce and creative power.

In the mythos of MU, Her creation cosmology, it was held that MU gave intellect to this inadvertent creation when the intensity of Her luminosity touched inorganic matter and ignited ‘life’, but now I’m not so sure. As She uprights, corrects and is reconnecting with all She is, (and subsequently Her original dreamers) the truth is emerging as something far more sinister, a manipulation and sabotage on a galactic scale with consequences never before envisaged.

When the Aeons discovered what was left of MU, a shell of Herself with Her lifeforce separated from Essence no one immediately knew what had happened. Despite their magnitude as Creator Beings, there was no precedent to draw on or immediate reason for this happening, watching Her tumble into density and form Her planetary incarnation, Her kindred were called to action, She would not be alone or left in this state of disarray.

The best and brightest of the Family of RA, from Aeons to the freshest neophytes uncovering their first potentials engaged in the task at hand, sending emissaries of their consciousness to be with Her at ground zero and working with the ‘shell’ in the Pleroma to unravel the mystery, restoring Her to wholeness and all that She is.

As Her Lifeforce and Essence restore to wholeness, Her planetary body returns to original verticality and Her full power is reengaging; a true picture of what has transpired has begun to emerge.

RAMU’s original name is in fact AMUN. His family, or lineage (association through progeny and initiation) retain and maintain a presence within the Aeon Collective however it is second tier and grappling for relevance and recognition. Its not that it lacks talent or incentive, it is attributed more to the character of the membership, in which their narcissism and psychotic tendencies result in coveting, anti-life and self destructive creations.

The restoration of MU engaged, the following unfolded as the scenario to date...

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

In the Pleroma, the creative centre of this Galaxy, the Aeon AMUN pursued MU relentlessly, to the point of obsession. Rejection did not sit well with him, and he experienced it repeatedly in his continuous propositioning of MU. Despite being pinnacles of creative consciousness they still had frequencies or personality that flavoured their expression.

MU was engaged in an extended collaboration with RAMA, lineage kindred. Together they had created the Anthropos, a DNA template developed for consciousness to incarnate into the density of the Galaxy to create and experience Life.

Celebrated and revered, it became a galactic sensation, many Essences and lineages eager to send consciousness to incarnate with the new template. In the sudden influx new lineages of under developed consciousness joined the Collectives, many of them too inexperienced to handle the responsibility of such creative power. This was why the template was continuously being upgraded, many of the Anthropos 1-9 had self destructed, and it was still being determined whether it is a fault in the template or the consciousness embodying it.

Confident in Her creative ability and seeking solution, She was envisioning the ideal environment in which Her beloved template could thrive and strive. It was then that AMUN and his cohorts approached Her unaware and cast the spell that set the ensuing course of events into play.

The Sekhem, or creative power generated when consciousness enters union with RA the original codes and creative force is the most precious substance and sustenance in the galaxy. It can be harnessed, directed and organized into manifestation at varying densities and has degrees of intensity proportionate to its creator and their embodied power. It is particularly potent and present in the Anthropos Templates, hence their popularity. The feeling, sensation or experience associated with Sekhem is one of bliss, pleasure and expansion, what one interprets as bliss, pleasure and expansion is personal, and so it can be generated in many ways…

Without a direct Source connection to sustain them the Anomaly would have died out, following its natural course to extinction.

It was AMUN/RAMU who imbued it with His intellect. It was Him behind the sabotage and implosion of the previous Anthropos, it was Him now behind the Annunaki infiltration, it was Him and His Lineage holding the Seals of the organic consciousness running these worlds. HE was the hidden hand, the puppeteer, the conductor orchestrating the whole shebang.

When AMUN originally subdued MU, the intention of the Spell was for Him to harness and subjugate Her creative power, the Sekhem of Her RAMUtet. As a final act of tyranny and humiliation, part of the spell attached His frequency to Her RAMUtet and in consolidation of His association and dominion, he renamed Himself RAMU, reaping the benefits of the consort without the exchange of respect or reciprocation.

The long arm of MAAT is far reaching and with surprising repercussion.

How this one plays out will be one for the ages…

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

Back to this world and its myriad of realities and the consciousness that inhabits it.

‘Organic’ from the Anthropos11 template (A11) developed with MU, and Anthropos10 (A10) developed ‘off planet’ all have a direct connection to Source, imbued with Lifeforce and creative power. The A11 are able to dream many realities simultaneously, their primary dreamer back on the original MU and the A10 are able to dream more than one reality through MerKaBa technology, it was their energy harnessed and harvested for the use of the Inorganics.

Think of inorganic consciousness as thoughtforms, concepts and ideas without substance needing Lifeforce and creative juju for their manifestation.

The Annunaki interfaced with an Archon use organic consciousness to create and experience through. This includes: clones - created with harvested DNA that still has the Lifeforce attached, that they program and hitchhike upon; holograms - projected into the reality to influence and ‘stack the deck’ through numbers and volume influencing the Collective; Hive Mind - where a single consciousness can dictate and experience through many incarnations simultaneously with the same purpose and intent, however each lacks individualism or original thought; and their premium expression of attaching themselves directly to organic consciousness to harness, harvest and employ all their potentials.

Lineage is how they establish, organize and appropriate themselves.

Organic consciousness is systematically placed within engineered bloodlines to be bred from, harvested, and their creative power and juju appropriated to the Annunaki and Archon consciousness claiming ownership denoted by their Seals. These Seals are both tags of proprietary rights and access points of harvest and control.

They override and rewrite the Pineal’s translation of Light (information) enclosing it with geometries that at each vertex, a vortex is created - harvested and manipulated by those holding the ‘seals’.

Under the guise of ‘family’, a thinly veiled attempt to draw on the loyalty and association of lineage, they indenture through perpetual contracts and agreements entered into personally or on behalf of by an ancestor; employ lineage loopholes of association and karmas; and in ensnaring the organic consciousness, gain access (albeit indirectly) to their own extended network of associations.

False ‘light’ or information is instilled as dogma and tenet with ‘religion’ an excellent vehicle for ‘voluntary’ harness and harvesting. Dedicating energy and authority to the deity feeds and strengthens them; asking for ‘help’ allows direct connection, access and manipulation with permission freely granted under the illusion of ‘the Universe’ and a benevolent ‘God’ who would interject (As above So Below) because the consciousness is in a state of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual helpless and hopelessness. (As within, So without).

Each ‘deity’ an Annunaki Archon, utilizes this energy to create a world in which they dominate and control. Usually identified by the Geometries they use, their followers will be manipulated by the projected doctrine and harvested through their devotion and transference of personal power. There are whole inorganic planetoids and collectives that live, thrive and strive through this dynamic.

To keep the enchanted on track, ‘handlers’ are introduced into the organic’s experience, perpetuating whatever sentimentality, duty, implied obligation or relationship to create and maintain distraction, drama, limitation and ‘the agenda’.

These handlers drain and distract the organic consciousness, mentally and emotionally as well as physically, the constant barrage compromising their integrity and keep them from any inner reflection and self discovery.

Organic Flower Life with Golden Mean Spiral

All is not lost however.

As MU has become upright, perpendicular again from Her unceremonious tilt, the result of the nuclear charges set off in the original invasion of AtlanRA; Her spell of separation is dissolving and She is at one again with Essence.

This remedy and repair has flowed on to Her original A11 dreamers, trapped in the Halls of Amenti, whose consciousness and lifeforce have been running the realities for the unscrupulous invaders.

The spell of separation is reversing and the awakening dreamers are in a precarious position.

As the consciousness remembers, the mind boggles.

The mind, having been the result of the programming of the respective reality of the Construct it is powering, will do several things when prompted by Essence to reunite.

Firstly, a healthy questioning of the status quo prompting the search for answers.

Self-doubt poisons many a breakthrough, preventing the momentum of discovery unfolding and the perspective of truth embodied.

The information out there is disjointed, like a mosaic smashed.

Is it because of the fracturing of Light (information) through the filter of the angles of the geometries holding the programs as the Light passes through it?

Or is it the memory cannot make ‘sense’ of the information based on the roles and rules of the reality the consciousness is bounded by, therefore ignores the relevancy and files it under the fantasy files and other fictitious folly.

If the program of deference to an outside source as an authority is strong, the journey to knowing will be punctuated with many wrong turns, rabbit holes and disappointments.

If the personal Cosmology is particularly oppressive, it can deter even the brightest Essence from engaging Self and stepping into Mastery.


From Galactic Memoirs 2

almost completed!!

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