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What happens when we die the role of the Matrix, the Construct, the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic

artist unknown, would love to be able to credit them

An excerpt from Galactic Memoirs 2, even closer to completion!

The Matrix is the mindset of the Construct.

The Construct is the structure that holds the Matrix.

Within the roles and rules of Reality that is constant and fixed, magic or a miracle is something that is outside those projected roles and rules.

Each Reality holds different worlds. Worlds within the reality overlap and intersect, there are many worlds or expressions within the one Reality, we call them Dimensions of Dreaming.

Back on the original MU there is no ‘death’ but repose.

Consciousness would reside within the bosom of MU to retire, reflect and reinvent, to later re-enter the dreaming in a more active ‘physical’ expression again.

Taking retreat within MU could be as a part of Her physical expression such as what you were akin to or needing sustenance from. For example a body of water if the Element of Water was the desired communion, a landscape to house and heal, Her abundance of natural flora could educate and inspire. Lineages often elected the same place to rebuild and fortify amongst kindred - these places, plants and often became associated with them

Of course complete involution into Her consciousness, still individualised, however in a kind of stasis until the impetus to join the physical dreaming arouse again was one of the most popular.

Within the Construct of the ‘Earth’ planetoid, this rite of passage has been perverted and has became a trap to the consciousness ensnared.

As the tenets preached are transcendence – to leave the body and go out, surpass the limits of the physical, a ‘yang’ expression and usually associated with an act the mind. At death, one leaves the body and the consciousness is untethered within the Construct.

Following programming, searching for ‘the Light’ or (Light as information) the Light is sourced and followed. This Light is the false Light of the Construct and you end up in 'Agartha' or ‘the Halls of Amenti” to be recycled and reprogrammed for another tour of duty.

In my experience, these Halls of Amenti link directly back to the original MU and the capture and containment of our original Essence incarnation on MU. Its not the same for everyone, it depends where they originally harnessed your consciousness.

The ‘Akashic Record’ that can be found within these fabled ‘Halls of Amenti’ is their dossier on YOU. It is not your truth, or reflective of Essence. It is their ‘file’ on you and your programing - a catalogue of your use to ‘them’, the lineages you have been placed in, and the realities you are attached to and running.

Neither of these places or the conditions of their existence is anything like their romanticised versions projected in the Matrix, endorsed and expounded by well-placed Annunaki shills.

I don’t see anything benevolent or romantic about be duped, dominated and recycled in a prison …

Lets play the game of incarnation in the Construct and follow it through.

Your consciousness, which on first being harnessed has been compartmentalised and separated from Essence, an almost disembodied lifeform with no understanding of who or what it is, finds itself corralled within a ‘sorting pen’ similar to that used with animals to sort for either breeding or slaughter. In this state of confusion, it is perhaps the first time some of you have experienced fear and in that reaction, fallen into the traps laid to enlist and make it appear voluntary, like they are doing you a favour and from there your appreciation, like sentimentality will be your delusion, ‘weaponsied’ into a sense of responsibility, reciprocation, you owing or being obliged to comply.

After analysis of your consciousness lineage, you are either assigned, traded or enlisted into a physical linage - the more potent your Lifeforce and consciousness, the more you will be locked into a binding restrictive lineage with the intention of supressing and draining your juju distributing it to the various inorganic and Annunaki of that hierarchy that own those contracts and ‘seals’.

Then you enter the Construct via birth – the same Construct with the roles and rules of entropy and atrophy, and your fate is sealed – on death to once again return to the administration to be reassigned and reprogrammed. Your connection to Source gives you endless Lifeforce, so this use of your compartmentalised consciousness and life force could literally go on forever - incarnation after incarnation, repeating the same assigned role or variations thereof, never quiet reaching your potentials, but those around you / connected to you fulfilling theirs.

Its now that MU is upright and the original spell is BROKEN that consciousness is beginning to question the status quo. It’s a chance to bust this Reality and the worlds within it and liberate our Selves from the Construct.

Its about breaking that original spell, reuniting Life Force with Consciousness, and being informed from this place that is pristine, unprogrammed and your original Self. We call this Essence – YOU all the way back to Source, all your experiences, expressions and incarnations.

The language of Essence is feeling not thought.

Thought is from the mind, limiting and programed. Feeling when expressed by Essence is truth, direct from Self, original understanding and cognition AND it’s a fuller communication because the feeling has a multidimensional aspect that gives you so much information that you immediately cognise and integrate from a place of wholeness, not just this snapshot of a dimension of Self in ‘time’

Don’t get feeling mixed up with emotional re-action – not even in the same realm.

Feeling comes from within, it is your first ‘read’ or understanding often billed as instinct or your ‘gut’ – its not given much respect or credibility so you don’t rely on it or trust your own knowing.

Our mind in its discernment to catagorise and respond, puts judgement behind this first impression and re-acts according to fears, programing and emotional conditioning.

In my experience wisdom, consciousness rules the template. If you are connected to all you are and operating from this place of empowerment, how much longer can the Matrix stay running the Construct? are the two interdependent?

Too much for the human unit when the mind takes a hold, so this has to be motivated and orchestrated by Essence.

That means trusting in your own experience and that you dictate the unfolding of your life. Why would you give yourself anything but fabulosity? Drop the old justification of ‘learning’ or ‘past life karma’ or the old faithful ‘a victim of fate’.

Why can't growth be through inspiration rather than conflict?

As within, so without – what you hold in your Essence and radiate is what will affect your experience of the Reality and the worlds within it.

Its not about ‘putting it out there’ to the Universe – translation: sending out to the Matrix a plea for what is missing in your life – just who do you think powers this Universe – YOUR LIFEFORCE.

I have found it much more effective to feel the feeling of what you want from a place of embodied Essence, knowing that this feeling will match my coming experience. Its not something to project, pray or ask for.

The feeling has no boundaries or structure, it is purely the juju that will result in this expression manifesting in your Reality.

If you used the mind to project this intended bliss, abundance, success etc then its limitiation will prevent it from unfolding to match that feeling that Essence emanates.

It also contributes to extracting you from the roles and rules of the Matrix because you are dreaming something not programmed by its entrophy, atrophy, dictation or limitation.

The Construct is what it is, the Matrix is entangled with it – rather than work to change or destroy it, create a whole new Dimension of Dreaming that is an emanation of and powered by Essence – withdrawing from any Reality or Dreaming that is not Essence aligned (and all the consciousness work that goes with it) is a far more lucrative investment of your life force and so much more fun and empowering.

Feel the original templates from MU - of Her perfected Anthropos and of Her expression as a planet and it’s physical environment for Her beloved Anthropos to thrive upon, manifesting through Essence – we don’t know what it looks like but we do know how it feels.

Let that be your guide and inspiration – see you in the new organic closed Dreaming



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