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Life-force, Essence, Cloning and MAAT

MAAT justice without judgement

In the videos I have mentioned that there are other dimensions of Self that may be compromised, or pitted against you or you feel the energetic backlash of their misdeeds. In the playback I refer to my experience with one of them as the Weatherman and Tereza had her Mayan Man encounters.

It’s always been a WTF as you don’t think you hate yourself that much right?

The DNA of A11’s from the original MU is harvested and ‘clones’ cultivated, grown and deployed throughout the Construct.

Using this DNA with organic life force attached to it - they grow a clone, a copy of the template that DNA comes from, and that clone through this innate connection with your frequency can undermine, manipulate and offload Karma onto you. Its not a part of Essence, its doesn’t have that component or point of origin however it has resonance with it via the DNA connection, and through that connects and draws on the frequency.

Anthropos11 (A11) DNA is particularly prized because they are trying to recreate the phenomena of dreaming multiple simultaneous realities that is inherent to the template expression in symbiosis with the original MU. The miscalculation being that the Consciousness rules the template, not the template determining the consciousness’s experience…

I use italics because I am still defining the term clone. Often a clone is thought of as a direct copy of the original, but I feel that is not accurate in this case.

It begins with defining the difference between Essence and life force.

Essence is your core, experienced as Consciousness, not just this body’s thoughts, feelings or emotional reactions, the very expression, the Fire, the juju that is YOU all the way back to Source. That part that survives after the physical incarnation atrophies and dies.

This Consciousness experiences its Self through incarnating into various worlds and realities radiating and contributing to each Collective it is a part of.

When this Consciousness incarnates into a DNA template, that DNA is indelibly stamped, merged and melded, imprinted and shaped by the frequency of the consciousness that inhabits it.

The life force is the energetic alchemy that happens as the template is ignited by the Consciousness. Body Elemental is an expression or direct link to that. It’s the animator of the physical template, not the Consciousness behind it - they can be felt distinctly as separate.

This DNA when separated from its template will have the life force attached, and through that a connection to the Consciousness that is part of the Essence, however it doesn’t embody Essence, as it doesn’t have a direct incarnated Consciousness link.

So these ‘clones’ can be used to feed off the connection to your Essence via their DNA link, they could host or answer to a number of other consciousness, organic or otherwise; they could make agreements and contracts on your behalf without your Essence consent, create ‘karma’ that effects you in this dimension of dreaming, the list goes on.

When I say pull your life force that is what I am referring to. Pulling that spark or connection that is tying you to them, making you accessible for them.

As you pull back that which is yours via Essence, make your frequency invisible, undetectable, untraceable etc. disarming all kill shots and voiding all contracts etc., I mean you groovers know the drill.

For me, that’s not enough, as a consciousness warrior let me use the connection to my own advantage, after all its MY Essence they have been trading on. Let me use the DNA connection as a Trojan Horse, I can flood that DNA with commands and demands from MY consciousness, with the discernment and power of Essence.

I can read the energy and raid the knowledge banks that DNA template holds, I can turn the violation, the victim, betrayal and subjugation into my weapon of choice across all dimensions of dreaming and ride the upgrade to my experience in this here and now such liberation brings.

I will engage **MAAT with the satisfaction of knowing the repercussions will reach the right people places and situations in the most appropriate way possible, always a surprise and pleasure to watch it unfold.

So to all the lineages and consciousness that thought of my lineage and consciousness as a vehicle to project coveting desires upon and plunder its infinite riches and creative juju – IM COMING FOR YOU!

**KARMA the ripple effect of an action ‘you’ (your energy, lineage, clone – whatever is using your frequency) have taken

When MAAT is engaged, the WHOLE situation is taken into effect, including the instigators, hitchhikers, directors by proxy – the whole situation takes on a balance, not just ‘you’ who carried it out.

For more on Karma and MAAT revisit an oldie but a goodie: Killing Santa 3:

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