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Defining the Dragon

Dragon ignited

So many people talk about it, claim it, revere it - but what exactly is it?

Defining the Dragon

When I look into someone’s Essence to find their ‘dragon’ it can appear as one of several things.

A primal expression that through Essence can be ignited in this physical incarnation increasing cogency and life force tenfold; without form it’s frequency saturates the manifestation and opens the DNA potential of the template, potentizing connection, embodiment and effectiveness within the Reality.

It can be a complete dimension of Self that is having a simultaneous dreaming in another expression of Reality. Able to shapeshift through the many incarnations of Essence, the Dragon is adaptable - pure lifeforce awaiting purpose and direction. It can be awakened to connection, cognition and embodiment as you would another dimension of Self.

It can also appear as a potential, and so I work with Essence to ‘fast forward’ the timetrack of development and bring it into fruition in the here and now.

When taken through initiation and ignited within, the ‘juju’ can be intoxicating and the integrity of this authentic self-generated and sustained power will remain an elusive concept if not approached and maintained with honour, humility and respect.

Many Essences who were compromised in the invasion have had their ‘dragons’ harnessed and harvested in contracts with mystery schools and lineages of inorganic or Annunaki origin. These infractions need to be addressed on activation and can range from using this energy to feed the inorganic members in the lineage, utilising your gifts talents and potentials for the hierarchy and keeping you ignorant of your truth and experience wisdom; or roping you into holding the collective ‘Karma’ of the lineage – in other words, you are accountable for the actions of the other lineage members.

an excerpt from Galactic Memoirs 2...

Postscript: Igniting the 'Dragon' breaks the original spell separating the life force and compartmentalisation of consciousness - as one embodies Essence the consciousness and LifeForce reunite and spell is not just broken, but you have the tools then to reverse engineer in all Dimensions of Dreaming....

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