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Cosmic Currents: Collapsing Constructs • Amrita / Soma

An uploaddownloadreload from around 4 days ago...

one of the main organic dimensions of dreaming, Panchamumma is folding - MU is rebooting with an entirely new organic dimension of dreaming with A11’s ONLY in a closed dreaming (is this the new Pleroma?)

This current dimension of dreaming will continue to play out, I feel cause its so close to the original organic notimeline that was infiltrated

- its like the MAAT dreaming where everything gets exposed and answered for - but the whole Mayan / Annunaki / Archon compromise of Panchamumma is shutting the fuck down It started about 4 days ago and its going for the next 3 weeks

to view the VLOG CLICK HERE

Stay centred, mainline MU and remain non reactive, let Essence conduct your experience

- see you on the otherside lol


to view the VLOG CLICK HERE

Amrita is physical expression of RAMUtet

Amrita is a secretion that is said to originate from the glandular system in the head but in fact is available to every cell in the body.

It is the embodiment of Essence qualified with the original creator codes and symbiosis with MU, that illicits the response of bliss and this secretion is the physical counterpart of the frequency.

It is unique to organics and to the inorganics, Soma is their synthesized substitute

Soma, the effects of which include giving one an ‘emotional body’ sensation likened to a Kundalini rush; prolonging life by instigating cellular optimal performance; and multidimensional access, mimicking our glandular system or ‘Spiritual Tuning Keys’ to experience beyond the boundaries of their existing consciousness (however brief and elusive) - hello addiction

How much then of our own addiction to people places situations, the construct itself, is in fact their addiction to us?


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