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Conscious Conversation Central with Sheila!

the Puzzler

Our friend Sheila has started her youtube station CCC Conscious Conversation Central She has a curious mind and excellent networking skills and brings a variety of guests and concepts to explore with her unique humour and nurturing style.

Below are highlights from our conversation, you can see the full conversation HERE

HIGHLIGHTS FROM• Sheila and Conscious Conversation Central

full conversation:

CCC1: Introductions and Essence, Defining Dreaming, Inorganics /Organics

• defining Self, Essence embodying from empowerment not victim

• Memories: discerning the real from the implanted and overlaid.

• determining your own truth and taking responsibility

• experience wisdom defined, embraced and expanded upon

• puzzle collecting and igniting the mosaic of knowing already within you.

• how the construct repackages truth and modifies it to its convenience

• it’s a consciousness invasion

• defining dreaming – a CLOSED dreaming or an OPEN dreaming

• dreaming solo, a collective – open or closed

• A10 DNA template and A11 DNA Template the difference

• Who is MU exactly?

• organic / inorganic defined and expanded upon

CCC2: Essence Connection Experiential related…

• Essence connection is about feeling and excellent for ‘non-meditators’

• phase lock with MU – Sheilas experience

• breath of life gets a look in

• rockin it not ‘doing’ or ‘trying’

• the Tower of Babel and experience wisdom defines, divides and unites

CCC3: the Gnostic Myth of Sophia

• the Gnostic myth of Sophia related by Sheila

• John Lamb Lash, Not in His Image

CCC4: What is proof but your own Experience

• The Shumann Resonance spiking at Easter

• what is proof? But your own experience

• mainlining MU Sheila style

• the Construct, entrophy and atrophy

CCC5: Exploring the concept of Dreaming

• first, a little bit about my raw food,

• exploring the concept of dreaming

• past lives or concurrent?

• MerkaBa as a construct for A10 dreaming - constructs that need lifeforce

• Jill and Elemental Medicine

• people becoming conscious and relearning all you know

• hearing is matrix, feeling is the way

• rebooting the pIneal, the Light decoder

• how it works with Essence and MU

CCC6: MU’s RAMUtet

• Lisa Rising Berry and her cord of MU

• Birkland current

• ignition of MU from within in – MU’s RAMUtet!

• programmed and unlearning

CCC7: Puzzle Piece Collector

• everyone is remembering, the consciousness

• as your consciousness expands so does the context of your experience

• toppling the tower of Babel

• feelings are NOT emtoinal reaction

• beginning to become conscious, as opposed to ‘awakening’

• discernment and the bait and switch

• the astral plane or the organic (no)timeline

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