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Killing Santa Volume 3: Lessons in Embodiment

The command Embody Essence

People use that as a short cut.

They think by stating the command, the intention will give them an experience.

You can only use the command if you have the experience wisdom to back it up.

You must feel the embodiment and then name it, then use the name as a command to engage the experience at will.

If you do it the other way you are creating a mental construct using programming from the Matrix, then you are awaiting your mental construct to be filled with energy to bring it to life.

Limitation, and its using the Matrix paradigms to create your experience of Self – not recommended and a trap on the way to mastery

Ride, feel, embody, name it

That’s how we roll


VLOG: Killing Santa Vol 3

• Killing Santa more on intention

• Maat vs Karma

• Veras Mysteryschool retires

• I of RA


• Dragon defined and expanded

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