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Killing Santa Volume 1

Busting Myths and Memes of the no -age false Light paradigms. featuring...

Astral Travelling

Please no - make it stop

You leave your body, travel alright - ONLY IN THE ASTRAL and while you are off exploring the BS mental realms of no substance or meaning just programming and false/fake Light fuckery the vacancy sign allows all manner of inhabitants to hitch a ride or if particularly bold, take up residence

to transcend is a trap - to involute is where its at

Embody Essence and let your consciousness explore from within.

You never leave, you are in complete control and with discernment, remaining whole and unto your self, no unwelcome parasites

From here all realms are open to you (if you can match and hold the frequency ) and you are safe from compromise

see you in the dreaming groovers x

• Astral Travelling

• We are one!

• Ascension

• Gaia, Sophia, Mother Earth the constructs

• Intention

• the Shadow

• Channeling

• Ayahausca

• Dimensions

• RA

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